Frog in a Pond Cake

It’s been awhile since I posted any decorated cakes that I make. So, I decided to share some cake photos with you. This is one of my recent creations.

The baby’s favorite toy is a frog and it determined the theme. All decorative elements are made either from gum paste or fondant. Everything is edible except the wire.

This is a chocolate almond cake filled and frosted with chocolate mousseline with armagnac-soaked prunes folded into the filling portion. Obviously, the cake is intended for parents’ consumption. Poor Nicki will only be allowed to blow the candle – quite a tease for a little guy. Although, I agree that it’s not yet the time to introduce sweets into his diet.

Happy Birthday, Nicki!

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53 Responses to “Frog in a Pond Cake”

  1. Outstanding, simply outstanding!

  2. Speechless!!! :)

  3. Wonderful doesn’t really say enough. Exquisite. All so perfect in detail, an artist indeed!

  4. oh my goodness! this is amazing!

  5. So cute and whimsical! The fly is an especially nice touch :D

  6. I love the fly! It’s so cute :)

  7. Hey ! This birthday cake is just PERFECT for me, the Foodie Froggy !!!

  8. What a beautiful cake! I love the theme!



  9. SO marvelous!

  10. This is so amazing!

  11. so not only is the exterior massively impressive, but the innards sound pretty good too! what a masterpiece, vera!

  12. This is amazing! How long does it take you to decorate a cake like this?

  13. That is just a priceless cake…

  14. You have some mad skillz when it comes to cake decorating. Every detail is breathtaking.

  15. Vera, you have done it again…this cake is amazing! The ladybugs, the fence, the mushrooms, the fly…fabulous!!!

  16. Amazing cake – you are so talented!!

  17. You cake is perfect..just perfect. Put any of my cakes to SHAME!!!!

  18. I really love your cakes! I can see you’re such a prefectionist! You should post more. And the flavours sound delicious too!

  19. Gorgeous work!

  20. I’ve told you before, this is so amazing I don’t see how anyone can eat it!

  21. So cute!

  22. Wow! That cake is stunning! I wouldn’t even want to cut into it…

  23. Wow that is incredible! Do the entire world a favour and never, ever stop baking!!

  24. What a fun cake and what beautiful work. Love the bee on the back.

  25. Astonishing!!!
    How much do you spend on decorating such a cake?

  26. Vera, this is absolutely gorgeous! How I wish I can do fondant cakes like yours .. you are a pure artist.

  27. This is just adorable! great job.

  28. I am blown away by the detail. What a spectacular cake!

  29. how do you get your gum paste so smooth! gorgeous work! I have a new appreciation since working on my first gum paste figurines… every little detail is a painstaking effort, but so rewarding.

  30. Thank you, everyone, for such lovely comments! I greatly appreciate it!

    Dolce, Anda, the process is time-consuming. It’s hard to estimate the whole amount of time spent on this cake since some elements were made in advance and left to dry for a couple of days. It’s not a problem for me, since I enjoy the process itself.

    Tamela, thank you, you just knead the paste well and then roll it in your palms until there’re no creases visible.

  31. outstanding, incredible, wonderful..<i’m so amazed

  32. Wow! Really just wow!

  33. Amazing! Such talent!

  34. LOVE your cake decorations! This is another great piece!

  35. I still cringe when I think of the pile of cake-like mass that passed for a cake on my daughter’s 1st birthday (had to order, couldn’t make it at the time). Now I’ll cringe even more and am even more determined to make up for it for her 2nd BD.
    An absolutely gorgeous cake and you’ve outdone yourself with this cute theme – so many extras (bugs, flowers, pond) when the obvious choice would have been a frog-shaped cake for so many.

  36. Vera, I am blown away by your talent!!! This is sheer art! So beautiful and neat! I am speechless…

  37. If that isn’t the cutest frog I ever seen! LOL Hope Nicki loved the frog. And such a beautiful cake.

  38. So cute… I love it.

  39. A couple of days. Impressive… The result is stunning (as is your Mickey Mouse new cake too)

  40. Thank you all for the kind words!

    Dolce, thank you. I guess you misunderstood me though:) 3-D figures usually require two-days drying time, not the whole cake decorating project; these figures just sit on a sponge and I either do nothing or bake/fill a cake itself during this time.

  41. Absolutely gorgeous.

  42. This is soo adorable!! You are amazing! How I’d love to learn from you!

  43. Vera, I’m so impressed with your sugar craft. Where did you acquire the skill. I’m a first time mom and would like to devote myself to culinary crafts instead of heading back to a 9 to 5 job in the office. Is cake decoration something that one can self-learn?

  44. Vera, YOU are amazing! My 3 year old son loves frogs and toads and decided for his birthday that a froggy pond cake is what he would like!! When I seen your gum paste frog I couldnt believe it!! Needless to say 24 hrs later I gotten my frog as close as possible to yours and my sister picked it up to show her husband!! (Dear Lord help me to not be violent!!) Now I am going to try again. God Bless you and your work!! From one obsessed baker to another, GREAT JOB!!!!

  45. Hi, Ilove this cake, roaming the net look for ideas/tip for the cake im gonna make for my little girl lilly’s 1st birthday lilly pad is her nickname hence the theme :D, i wanted to know how you made your letters for the words round the base of the cake they are brill. :D thanks

  46. amazing work,a treat for our eyes

  47. Wow this cake is absolutely gorgeous and the pictures are so professional. I vote you quit your job and devote yourself to your craft…that is if you haven’t already.

  48. Super, Super, Super !!!! Beautiful detail and gorgeous colouring. I’ve never written a comment on a website before but this cake is really wonderful.

  49. Thank you very much!

  50. gr8 cakes! You should do video tutorials! :)

  51. I Love to make cakes but the smoothness & detail you do is a masterpiece!

  52. I would LOVE to learn some of your tricks!

  53. That cake is absolutely amazing! It’s a shame I just had my birthday :( haha!

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