Welcome to my blog! I hope you’ll find here what you are looking for, and if not, you can always ask me. I just might have an answer.

My name is Vera. I reside with my family in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Baking got my serious attention over 11 years ago. What started as a pregnancy craving, became, over time, my true love and mind-occupying obsession. Now it is more than a hobby. Following the passion, a dentist became a baker, and the baker turned into a cake designer. I think it was a fortunate flow of events. Being the baker first, I’ve never compromised the taste for the looks.

Now I own a cake atelier where I work at my comfortable pace (well… not always so comfortable; who decorates the cakes understands what I mean) creating exquisite cakes for refined tastes. I also offer private classes for those who are interested in sugarcraft. There are tutorials available on my blog, and I’m planning to add new ones in the near future.

I still love experimenting in the kitchen, creating new recipes for myself and everyone who is in need for a delicious and fool-proof dessert.

My blog is mostly devoted to baking, dessert making, and cake decorating. But there might be some savoury and not baking-related recipes which I believe are worthy to share. Maybe, someone will find them useful as well.

And last, but not least… I want to thank everyone who has expressed the interest in my blog. Thank you so much for your kind comments and feedback on the recipes. They are highly appreciated. I’m looking forward to your future visits. As for me, I’ll try to do everything possible to update the content regularly.

Thank you!