Hippo Cake

This is my attempt to recreate a girl’s favorite toy in a cake form for her 3rd birthday. I don’t exactly know why this creature turned out looking so sad. Maybe the fact that I was making it at 2AM is the reason… I didn’t want to incorporate too much coloring into the cake itself. So instead I covered the cake board with green fondant grass and planted some bright flowers.

Inside is the rich chocolate pound cake filled with seedless raspberry jam and Swiss buttercream.

Happy Birthday, Isabella!

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42 Responses to “Hippo Cake”

  1. That is soooo cute. Looks just like the Hippo my husband gave me many years ago that we just found in the back of a closet today!

  2. that is just adorable!!

  3. Maybe she looks sad because she’s about to be eaten! :D The little ribbon and the tail are such cute details!

  4. That’s such an awesome cake! Very pretty and perfect looking! I love that Hippo!!! I’d love to have one of these for my own B’day…



  5. Vera, this cake is just precious! I never knew a hippo could look so cute. What a wonderful cake!!

  6. Oh my goodness that is incredible! You are so talented and that hippo is absolutely adorable!

  7. What a lovely cake, she’s just too cute to be eaten!

  8. So gorgeous! I love the base too.

  9. OK, my birthday is on december 3rd and I love…frogs ! Lol !
    I don’t think the hippo looks sad, I think it looks surprised, like “why do you take a picture of me?”.By the way Isabella is a very lucky little girl.

  10. impressive! so cute, too.

  11. I’ll never be able to make a such perfect work! lovely!

  12. Oh, please… will you make my birthday cake? You must have fun doing it, even at 2 AM – as your figure cakes always come out so charmingly.


  13. Vera- the hippo’s face might look a little bit sad but no one could help but smile when looking at the little tail! The cake sounds delicious too.

  14. That is just TOO AMAZING!

  15. That is gorgeous Vera!

  16. oh its adorable. ! you re great its so cute!

  17. adorable!

  18. You did great Vera! And that shot from behind is soo cute :)

  19. Oh my, this is too cute to be eaten… :D

  20. That cake looks sooo adorable…any 3 year olds dream:)

  21. awww! she’s very cute ^_^

  22. What an adorable cake! Sad hippo or not, you’ve done such a gorgeous job! Cake making is a lot of work but you always turn out beautiful creations every time!

  23. How fun. It’s just too cute to eat.

  24. Smart thinking about using colours on the cake board.
    I bet the little girl loved the cake!

  25. adorable. save the rump for me. :)

  26. It’s ADORABLE!!!

    I didn’t even noticed that it looked sad until you mentioned it.

    Don’t worry still looks so CUTE!

  27. Tremendous thank you to everyone who left a comment! I am deeply touched, thank you for your kind words!

    Anne, Kate, I would be happy to make a birthday cake for you both :)

  28. A very delicious sounding cake.

    I think the hippo looks so sad because of the angle of the face. I think if the muzzle(?) part were sticking OUT instead of down, it wouldn’t appear to have such a long face. But maybe that’s how the toy originally looks?

  29. Waaay too cute to be eaten. I agree with Y in saying that maybe she looks so sad because she’s going to be eaten! Great work!

  30. How cute! Happy birthday to your daughter!

  31. This cake is adorable! I don’t think it looks sad at all. Love the cake board too

  32. That is so cute, I love that it’s pink :).

  33. Soooooooooooo adorable!

  34. A.M., the head is very large and heavy, it wasn’t possible to “stick it out”.

    Christy, thank you very much!

    Nicisme, thank you! The birthday girl is not my daughter, just one of my clients :)

    Tracy, thank you very much!

    Sophie, thank you! Somehow pink is very popular among girls :)

    Rita, thank you!

  35. Terrific! I adore her! You are one talented lady x

  36. That’s the cutest hippo I’ve ever seen. Isabella must have been one very happy little girl.

  37. That is such a cute cake. I really enjoy cake decorating and have seen so many great ideas lately!

  38. Cute seems to have no boundaries here – I absolutely adore that you did it in the lightest shade of pink – it makes it even more special and that rear end shot – perfecto!!!

  39. wow this hippo is just too cute! what a lucky child Isabella is!

  40. Thank you, guys, very much for your comments! You are too kind :)

  41. Sorry I’ve been busy & have missed out on this adoreable little fellow Vera. I wish I was 3 again…this is just TOO PRECIOUS! You work magic with your fingers!

  42. Deeba, dear, thank you so much for your words!

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