This cake is one of my most recent creations, for an adorable little kid who obviously likes the Backyardigans TV series. The name of the birthday boy is five letters long, the exact number of characters, so I thought it would be nice to display it this way.

Inside is a chocolate cake, soaked with kirsch syrup, filled with Dalfour’s black cherry jam and Swiss vanilla-kirsch buttercream.

P.S. I’ve been terribly busy lately, my apologies for delayed e-mail replies. I’ll answer all your questions within a day or two. From now I’m planning to be here more often, no more cake orders till the end of August. I’m going to enjoy the rest of the summer, bake with my son and blog about this, and go camping.

And last, but not least. Thank you very much, everyone, who left kind comments on my previous posts. I appreciate it greatly, thank you.