Pokemon Piplup Cake

It was a very short-notice order. A miniature 4-inch cake was intended exclusively for a birthday boy, and two dozen cupcakes decorated with easy Pokemon ball fondant cut-outs were baked for guests. I was lucky the boy’s favorite character was a tiny Piplup and not something like Reshiram, otherwise I wouldn’t have got any sleep at all.

I wish I had taken a shot of Piplup’s rear; it had a very cute behind.

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15 Responses to “Pokemon Piplup Cake”

  1. So beautiful!



  2. Lovely, as always! You are amazing, but I guess you already know that ;)

  3. Oh my that is adorable, I so wish I had your talent.

  4. your cakes are always gorgous!
    you are truly talented

  5. Amazing, as always . . . . But, where are the pix of the cupcakes?

  6. Good Lord that’s adorable. I love Pokemon, haha.

  7. Thank you, everyone, for such lovely comments!

    Laura, there were no time for pictures.

  8. I can say that you did a great job, they look amazing. How much time it took you to bake them ?

  9. This is amazing! Wow, my nephew would flip over this.

  10. Thank you!

  11. This look really amazing !

  12. beautiful pic….

  13. It is amazing. Is the top portion

  14. Thank you!

    Terry, yes it’s styro, but could also be Rice Krispies since they are light-weighted.

  15. were do i brows cakes you made… i so want to see more!

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