Pokemon Ball Cake

I have to admit I’ve known very little about Pokemon until recently. My own kiddo has no interest in this theme, so I had to rely on the internet sources to educate myself. Now I know at least a couple of dozen of these little monsters by name. Here, from right to left, are: Lapras (this is my favourite, she’s got such a lovely flirtatious look), Pachirisu, Pikachu, Munchlax (my boys liked him the most), and Dragonair. I kind of found them charming and enjoyed making these figures great deal.

The cake was for my son’s good friend. Happy Birthday, Alen! And the best wishes from all of us!

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41 Responses to “Pokemon Ball Cake”

  1. That is one amazing-looking cake! Alen must have been so happy!

  2. My goodness. You’ve really captured the essence of pokemon in the cake. They ought to hire you to help their graphics team! X x

  3. Wow this is super cute…adn looks so neat…great work done

  4. Wowwww!!!! What an amazing cake. Great job.

  5. So prety! You are very talented.



  6. What kind of fondant do you use? It looks amazing :)

  7. You must write a tutorial in how you did them… they are sooo cute! The cake looks amazing!

  8. Amazing! My Pokemon playing granddaughter is in awe! How did you do this?

  9. this is crazy…crazy good! I am always so impressed when I see art in food. Although I am sure this tastes fantastic – it is a piece of art that I would have a hard time biting into!

  10. This is so adorable, my nine year old would freak out if he got a cake like this.

    Really really nice

  11. O, are they really edible? They look so-o-o realistic.

  12. The lines are so neat.. Gosh. Looks like a 3D model.

    Amazing work. Truly inspiring.

  13. Now that is pure talent right there. Keep up the amazing work!

  14. Now my son loves you, too!

  15. That is one cool cake. My boys would have loved this during their Pokemon days.

  16. PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT. not one flaw in sight. you are amazing

  17. Amazing, you’re obviously very creative and have an eye for very detailed work.

  18. Vera,

    How much time did it take to make these? they are very impressive!

  19. Absolutely adorable. Love it.

  20. flawless !!! amazing work………muah to ur lovely fingers …god bless ..love ur work :)

  21. Vera, the cake is amazing and each character simply speaks for itself. They look as real as in their cartoon life!

  22. It’s the first time Pokemon has ever looked appealing to me. The characters look quite engaging…oh, but so hard to eat such perfection, no?

  23. Thank you, everyone, so much for your comments! I am truly touched.

    Dory, it is time consuming process, but I wasn’t clocking it. It was stretched over several days.

  24. Really amazing work (as always). The little fondant figures are so expressive, and I love the overall graphic design.

  25. Oh my goodness. I think I sound like a broken record but you’re so talented. That’s not only adorable but perfect looking. Another cake job very very well done. Congratulations!

  26. Forget the little kids…my twenty to thirty year old kids would LOVE this!!!

  27. Besides the cake being fantastic, the photography is spot on.

  28. Wow! This cake is seriously incredible… did you go to decorating school to learn how to sculpt like that? Its seriously phenomenal.. I’d love to learn how to sculpt fondant like you!

  29. Thank you, guys! You are too kind.

    Christine, I never went to such school :) Thank you.

  30. That is one incredible cake, the giant pokeball is such a win!

    I love how you describe Lapras as flirtatious, I never considered it, but it’s so true.

    My favorite would have to be the Dratini, since it’s so cute, but I think you got the Munchlax spot on.

  31. This is not possible. This can not be a cake. This can not be a cake baked by a human creature. This is way too perfect.
    And I loved pokémon back then, but I knew only the first ones (152).

    What was on the inside?

  32. Oh WOW! That is stunning!!! Did ou use fondant or gumpaste for the figures?

  33. This is an amazing cake! I hope the Pokemon cake for my friend I’m making this week turns out even half as good as yours! Thanks for sharing. :)

  34. One word: AMAZING! I would love this cake. Great Job!

  35. I love this cake! My favorite one is Munchlax. How do you ever make these awesomely awesome cakes?

  36. Rocío Tanante on August 9th, 2011 at 6:01 am

    I am overwhelmed by such talent!!! Congratulations, they should put that cake into the MOMA.

  37. love love love love love can you make me one pretty please

  38. Sure wish you were near St.Cloud, FL. My son is having his 9th birthday in March, and that cake is amazing!!

  39. If you don’t mind, can I ask where on the internet did you learn? I have until August to learn how to do it, am very creative and have no doubt I can, just need a little instruction if you please. I am a disabled Veteran and want to make my daughter the best Pokemon cake ever and be the hero mom, the reason for me starting so early. Thank you for your time and I really hope you can help me.

  40. yours are the best I have seen yet!

  41. Just love it. Hope you won’t mind if i’ll use it as my inspiration for my son’s cake. You’ve done an awesome job!!!

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