Mickey Mouse and Birthday Fireworks Cake

I promise the next post will contain a new recipe, something seasonal, perhaps. But now I’ve got only time for a photo series of another decorated birthday cake. I hope you don’t mind. And thank you, all of you, who left such lovely comments on my previous post. I’m very much obliged to each and everyone!

Deep inside of this thing are two chocolate cake and ganache sandwiches (four thin chocolate layers in total) with a crisp hazelnut meringue and Swiss vanilla buttercream between them. Frosting is the same vanilla buttercream.

Meringue is not what I particularly like to put under the fondant. But the client was persuasive. I just kept the cake in the fridge all the time, taking it off for a short period of time to attach the ribbons, bow, and circle cut-outs.

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31 Responses to “Mickey Mouse and Birthday Fireworks Cake”

  1. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!

  2. What an amazing cake!

  3. you make such perfect cake. they are flawless

  4. Awww, so cute!

  5. Is so beautiful, would you mind telling me what material or ingredient you use for the sticks for the ballons and stars. I’ve been seeing that a lot in cake decorations and haven’t seen it on stores. Please??? thanks a lot

  6. You are simply amazing- so talented!

  7. this cake is almost impossible to eat, too cute! really well done, cheers,

  8. this looks so perfect it is unreal!! am not sure what to say, because your talent seems beyond words….

  9. That is one awesome cake, I would never be able to cut into it!

  10. This soooooooooo stunning! I run out of adjectives… ;-)

  11. Another adorable adorable adorable cake!!! Keep them coming!

  12. Complimenti, è veramente molto bella!

  13. I think if I had seen these pictures somewhere else, I would have refused to believe that it is a cake: it’s too perfect!

  14. Your talent is amazing…I would love to have your recipes for the cake and ganache and everything inside the cake. WOW, love you site!!

  15. Awesome cake. You are so talented.

  16. Your creations are oh so perfect….

  17. Amazing cake. The details on Mickey is so, so good and it looks as if he’ll get up any moment and click his heels. Another great birthday cake.

  18. Amazing. PErfect color choice.

  19. Very fun!!

  20. What an amazing creation! So impressive.

  21. Wow! Just an amazing cake.

  22. Thank you, everybody, for your kind comments! I am really touched.

    Erika, thank you. It’s stiff wire that I wrapped into white florist’s tape. This stuff can be found in any craft store.

  23. Thank you soooo much Vera

  24. I’m really impressed with Your Mickey Mouse and frog cakes :)

  25. omg!!! that is spectacular!!!

  26. Another great creation! Love all your cakes!

  27. What an amazing cake:Oit’s so:Othere are so many colours:Xyou are so talented:X

  28. The cake looks adorable!! and sounds delicious!! You must post the recipe!!! Please!

  29. wow that is a lot of Fondant

  30. What a cool birthday cake! I like the idea with the balloons, are those on wire or is that gum? Either way that is simply amazing. I agree with Amanda…that’s tons of fondant! Keep up the awesome work!

  31. you are very talented!

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