Lightning McQueen Cake

This is only as far as my automechanical skills go. The cake is fondant-covered; the Lightning McQueen is made of gum paste. Everything is edible, of course.

Inside are three layers of lemon cake moistened with lemon syrup, white chocolate and cream cheese filling, and Swiss lemon buttercream. The cake is 9×13-inch, over 3-inch tall; the cartoon character is about 4-inch long.

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45 Responses to “Lightning McQueen Cake”

  1. Wow, that cake is absolutely breathtaking!



  2. Totally flawless! I’m having a bit of trouble finding something reasonably cheap to use as a disposable base for my cakes. Any ideas?

  3. SO cute! I love it! :)

  4. So real! Wonderful job!

  5. Impressive!!!

  6. WOW!! I’m blown over, what talent!



  7. Incredible! Whoever received this cake must have been thrilled!

  8. I love the idea of making the number (for the child’s age, presumably) into a road for the car. So clever. Once again, great graphic design, perfect execution.

    And lemon, cream cheese, and white chocolate is one of my favorite flavor combinations.

  9. You are absolutely incredible. Your cakes are flawless.

  10. OMG! For a second I thought it was a toy and mayb you were inspired by that to make the cake…but the next pic said I was wrong! Vera, you continue to inspire me!! You reminded me of the cake my mom used to make for me when I was young! She made a clock cake when I was 5 and a castle cake when I was 6! Man, I admire her patience! I really think whether I would ever have her patience! :)

  11. Just amazing!You are a very talented lady!!

  12. WOW!!!! I love your Lightning-Macqueen version. This cake is really full of light. I specially like the little wheels.

    Congrats, great cake.

  13. Sigh…. I wish I were the person at the receiving end of your goodies, Vera. Shall I get Santa to contact you for Chrismas with my request…?

  14. Oh my God Vera!!! You are really killing me. For my daughter’s 6th birthday I have made a Lightning McQueen cake, but it was not even close to what you are showing here.
    BTW, this year she wants a Wall-e cake. I still have time to think about it until October, but I am far from having any idea.

  15. totally stunning Vera !
    You’re doing better and better each day O_o

  16. Is this a cake? Looks gorgeous! Wonderful job!

  17. What an amazing cake, how can you make it so perfect? Looks almost unreal, very very good job. Our son would love to have a cake like that on his birhtday!

  18. WOW! You are amazing!

  19. That’s adorable Vera!! :)

  20. whoa!! it doesn’t look like a cake!!

  21. Awesome, Vera. My friend’s 5 year old LOVES “Cars” and would love a cake like that for his bday. Lucky kid that got this cake!!!

  22. Wow! Everything you create is so gorgeous and inspiring!
    This cake is so much fun and it looks absolutley perfect!
    How long did this take you to create?

  23. Wow! My 2 year old would have refused to let us cut this cake. LOL. So georgeous!

  24. oh what a cute cake!!! it’s perfect!!!

  25. You are talented beyond belief! Technically sound too Vera!! This should be in a museum!! ♥

  26. Wow! You should be a professional cake decorator. Your cakes makes me think of the cakes which I see on the Ace of Cakes show (on the Food Network channel).

  27. wow this cake is awesome!!! i’d love to have something like tht at least once for my bday. would be amazing. i wish i had the guts to use fondants and sugar pastes for cakes :D

  28. Thank you, everyone, for your kind comments! I greatly appreciate it!

  29. This cake is absolutely amazing!

  30. The cake is fabulous!! I love CARS, and feel you’ve done great justice to Lightning McQueen!! It looks amazing!

  31. beautiful.. where do i find the recipe for the cake and fling and frosting????

  32. my son favourite cars character!
    love it:)

  33. OMG. This is so cute. And impressive!!! I can’t imagine how many hours you’ve spend to achieve this, it’s perfect!
    I’m sure all your kid’s friends were jealous!

  34. I’m speechless. That is amazing, WOW!!!!!!

  35. wow this is amazing!! flawless is the word !!

  36. Wow!!! Where do you live? I would love to have you make a cake for my son. Please contact me.

  37. Vera, I wanted to thank you again for this beautiful piece of art that you created for my son’s 2nd birthday. He was very lucky and happy to be the recipient of this amazing cake. My family and guests were blown away with your talent, and it tasted excellent too. It was well worth it. Looking forward to more of your creations.

  38. Christina, it was my great pleasure! Thank you very much for your words, I am truly touched! If you ever need a cake, don’t hesitate to call me, I’ll be happy to make it.

  39. HI Vera, I must comment and let you know how talented and skillful you are when it comes to decorating your cakes. I just love you blog and all the items that you have made. I have one question how long have you been decorating and have you taken any class. Also why don’t you post your cake recipes? Thanks N

  40. beautiful cake…isnt lightnings number 95 tho?? or were u just making a car kinda like mcqueen…beautifully done tho!

  41. Desiree, it sure is. Here “2″ is representing the little boy’s age.

  42. How much did you spend for this? all in all? Sooooo excellent!

  43. i love the cake, i looked for the design of the cake in the google so that i can order it in a baker shop for my son’s birthday and i found this the best. No one can beat this imaginative thought of yours. I love the track 2 of the age of the child. Can you make this cake for my son’s birthday. I live in NJ or can you suggest someone who can make this for me in Central NJ. THis is the best cake design that i found so far.

    how many pounds is the cake

  44. Priya, thank you. Unfortunately, I don’t ship my cakes and don’t know anyone in your area. I didn’t weigh the cake; it was quite big and heavy (3 layers 9X13 generously filled and frosted.

  45. Please I wanted to know, where your bakery is located. I love the cake if u r in New Jersey I can come and pick it up.

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