Monkey and Ten Dozen Bananas Cake

I made this cake for a little boy’s birthday celebration party who loves everything related to Curious George.

Fondant was not a decorating option in this case, so I used it only for a board covering and message cut-outs. For everything else I went with freshly made marzipan instead – just a little bit over a kilo :) All these bananas, as well as the monkey, were glued to a buttercream frosting while it was still soft. The cake itself was chocolate-banana, filled with whipped milk chocolate ganache.

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70 Responses to “Monkey and Ten Dozen Bananas Cake”

  1. gosh….brilliant.
    just look at those bananas….they r so real….

  2. amaaaazing!

  3. What an unbelievably cute cake! :)

  4. Wow, that cake look fabulous! Really stunning!



  5. That may very well be the cutest cake I’ve ever seen! Well done!

  6. That is such a COOL cake – what a lucky lad. Marzipan tastes a little nicer than fondant too. YUM.

  7. Wow! this is absolutely fantastic… this is possibly the best cake I have ever seen……

  8. Wow! That looks amazing, even the bananas have those brown streaks! I’m loving the little peeled open bananas


  10. This is AMAZING! My niece would LOVE it… if only I had a tenth of the talent you do!

  11. So absolutely adorable! And you can’t go wrong with that flavor of cake either.

  12. OMG….beautiful cake!!! You are really talented!!!!

  13. WOW what a gorgeous cake! The detail is incredible!

  14. That is totally super cute! Love the big stack of bananas!!

  15. What a lovely cake!!! Those bananas look so yummy!!!

  16. Amazing work! And those bananas- wow wow wow!

  17. too cute of a cake

  18. Beautiful!

  19. My goodness! I didn’t know you could make such sculptural decorations with marzipan! Did you make the marzipan yourself? It’s absolutely stunning.

  20. Wow– what else can I say? I love that you used marzipan, which I think is delicious, instead of fondant for the decorations.

  21. Incredible! The bananas look so real. You are truly an artist.

  22. Stunning!! Are we ever going to see you on Food Network Challenges Vera.. because you rock!

  23. Amazing! That’s not a cake, it’s a sculpture, how can anyone cut it?

  24. Love it! Draganan shared this post with me. Amazing job.

  25. How did you do that !!!!! Stunning !!!!!!
    I want the same cake for my birthday ^^

  26. OMG..that is like the cutest cake I have ever seen!

  27. Ohh wow! The cake is quite possibly one of the cutest I’ve seen! and marzipan too! Tastes soo much better than fondant!

  28. absolutely wonderful!!!!

  29. adorable cake!

  30. This is just about the sweetest cake I’ve ever seen. Look at all that detail! The tiny little bananas are incredible. Lovely and amazing work.

  31. Adorable! The marzipan decorations are amazing.

  32. That cake is AMAZING!!!

  33. Thank you, everyone, for such lovely comments! I do appreciate it greatly!

    Astrid, yes, I made the marzipan myself. I posted the recipe sometime ago.

  34. Amazing!! Just amazing!!

  35. Oh my God!!!! This is just soooooo lovely! One question: did you also make the monkey?

  36. Im speechless…its so perfect! You should be making these cakes for money!

  37. Wow, Vera, you’re amazing. I love it!!!
    I have to ask… how long did it take you to decorate the cake?

  38. I just found your site..amazing cakes anad goodies..I am going to try your cupcake receipe as one of the shops in south Surrey charges $6.50 for six..thanks again

  39. OMG!!!! which kid wouldnt fall in the love with this cake!!!!!

  40. That’s beautiful. I’m in love with it. Now the cake has me speechless. Can’t thing of anything else to say! :)

  41. You are so good with this, Vera. :)

  42. Ahahahaah! All honesty I think this is one of the coolest cakes I have ever seen! WELL DONE YOU!!!

  43. cool…you are a real guru of baking and creativity

  44. Thank you, guys, for your kind comments! I’m very much obliged!

    Anda, yes, I made this monkey.

    Hanaa, the whole process of baking and decorating was stretched over several days. Just to mold these bananas it took me a few hours :)

  45. that is FANTASTIC!!! WOW!!!

  46. That’s so cute!!

  47. This so so cute! I love the coloring on each of the bananas! well done!

    what kind of mold did you mention that you made your bananas out of?

  48. Thanks to all again!

    Jeni, the bananas were hand-shaped; I didn’t mention any molds :)

  49. OMG! This is so amazing! I had to show my partner Brent and the first thing he said was…why don’t you make me things like that? Great job!

  50. Vera, not only is that cake simply adorable, but you are SO talented it’s unreal. I wish you lived nearby so I could order some of your amazing creations! Can’t wait to see your Bakewell (if you participated this month :))

  51. This cake is better than anything I’ve seen on Ace of Cakes!

  52. Love this cake and your work!!

  53. Wow – this is a wonderfully creative and sweet cake! I can’t imagine how many hours it took for you to get the bananas to look so lifelike. Inspiring!!

  54. this may be the most adorable amazing fun cake i have ever seen i absolutely love it!

  55. Your cake looks amazing. You’re so talented :)

  56. This really made me smile, pure genius!

  57. I love your cakes, but this is by far my favourite so far. I’m a fellow Vancouverite and love your blog.

  58. You are the most creative person I have met! :)

  59. Ohh it’s so cute!!!

  60. oh this is adorable! it s perfect

  61. Too cute!
    Wow, the amount of work! Love the little opened banana’s!

  62. Great cake. How did you get the shape of on cake into a hill?

  63. WOW!!!! Really love this, you are amazing! xoxo Gloria

  64. Thank you all, for such kind comments!

    Nancie, I baked the cake in a Wilton princess mold which provided the hill shape instantly :) You can also bake a cake in any mixing bowl.

  65. This is unbelievably gorgeous and cute. Wow… in fact brilliant!

  66. Hi am coming here for the first time you have a very goog site and good collection of recipes. The above pics are too good amazing and very cute. congrats!!


  67. You are amazing!

  68. Your blog should be renamed from ‘Baking Obsession’ to ‘Baking PERFECTION’! Your decorated cakes look so unique and perfectly executed! Bravo!

  69. Hi Vera,

    Do you think the monkey and the bananas could be made well in advance and then assembled on the day of birthday?

  70. Adeline, yes, you can make them weeks in advance.

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