A Fighter Jet in the Sky Cake

I can’t believe my little baby has just turned seven! I guess he is not a baby anymore… It seems like he was two yesterday. We’ve been busy lately with all the planning and celebrating (that’s why I’m not always here and a bit slow to respond; my apologies). There are more parties to come, more cakes to bake (smaller groups of kids are easier to control).

I borrowed this jet decorating idea from Lindy Smith – a well-known cake decorator. Technically, the whole thing is edible, including the jet. The last is made of pastillage and gum paste. As for the cake, I thought these clouds presented a great opportunity to bake two different cakes, so the kids could have a choice. I baked a chocolate-orange pound cake and a lemon one (pound cakes are easy to shape without excessive crumbling) in a loaf pan, cut the clouds out of them, then sliced each cloud into three layers. I filled the chocolate cake with a Sicilian orange marmalade, and the lemon one with an apricot jam. For the frosting, I made a batch of Swiss buttercream with a generous addition of fresh lemon juice, then divided the cream in half and added a bit of lemon oil into the first half (to frost the lemon-apricot clouds) and some orange oil into another half (for the chocolate-orange clouds).

The decorated cakes can be both fun and delicious (I mean the part that is under the fondant), and can have a far more interesting taste than most of the decorators suggest.

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36 Responses to “A Fighter Jet in the Sky Cake”

  1. What a great cake! I bet your “baby” was thrilled!



  2. Vera, how the flippin heck did you make that jet!? Great idea having different flavoured cakes as well, though I have to say, before I read the post, I thought your plane had landed on snow capped mountains ;)

    Happy Birthday to your son!

  3. That is an AMAZING-looking cake! Happy birthday to your “baby”!! :)

  4. What an amazing looking cake! Happy birthday to your baby!! Seven is a great age. And I’m sure he adored these cakes. I love the different flavor combos you’ve got going on, too. What a dream bday cake!

  5. Happy birthday to your very lucky 7 year old Vera. I’m gobsmacked…this is just unbelievable & perfect. Love the detailing & the idea that permeated even to cloud tastes…WOW!!

  6. Your son is so lucky! And so are his friends. What an impressive cake! And teh flavours are mouthwatering!

    And, Happy Birthday! :)

  7. Vera,
    This is simply incredible !

  8. Wow, that is so impressive. What a lucky boy.

  9. what a gorgeous birthday cake!! hope your son enjoyed it!!

  10. Great cake, Vera. I’m amazed! Your son surely knows he’s a lucky 7 year old :o)

  11. Rosa, thank you! He was thrilled, decided to keep the jet as a souvenir :)

    Y, thank you! My husband thought these clouds resembled molar teeth (he is overdue for his dental check-up :) The jet is not difficult to make, rather time-consuming. It took me 4 days, since almost every step required a thorough drying. If you ever decide to make this thing, e-mail me and I’ll scan and send you the templates.

    CookiePie, thank you very much!

    Elyse, thank you very much for your words!

    Deeba, thank you so much! My son reads all these comments and feels happy and very important :)

    May, thank you very much! I am lucky to have such boy :)

    Anne, thank you very much!

    Mermaid Sweets, thank you!

    SuperChef, thank you! He certainly did :)

    Hanaas, thank you! Now he has no doubts about it :)

  12. That is a fabulous cake!! Happy birthday to your little boy!!
    I’ll be making a birthday cake for my son this weekend too – i love making their birthday cakes! :)

  13. I cannot even believe how great that looks. I also cannot show this to my husband because he will insist that I make something just like it for our boys’ birthdays. WOW!

  14. What a fun cake! I’ll bet he was thrilled with it and all of the kids were fighting over who got to eat the plane.

    Way to go, mom!

  15. Wow that is amazing Vera! And happy birthday to your son! I wonder what happened to the jet eversince??

  16. Sherry, thank you very much! Happy Birthday and the best wishes to your son as well!

    Dana, thank you very much!

    Jacque, thank you! He was thrilled and didn’t let anybody eat the jet :)

    Nikkita, thank you so much! The jet is still alive :) Tim is playing with it.

  17. Cool cake, my nearly 4 year old would love it too!

  18. happy birthday for your babby your cake looks so beatifull

  19. wow! that’s what i call a cake!!

  20. Your son is one lucky little boy to have such a talented mom. Great job!

  21. Linda, DIDEM, bonbon oiseau, Dragon, thank you so much!

  22. WOW… this is a wonderful. Happy Birthday to you son!
    You have inspired me to try my hand at fondant.
    Thanks so very much.

  23. Vera, yes, they look like molars too! And thank you.. though hopefully I’ll never have to take you up on your offer. I can’t imagine I’ll manage to make anything that looks remotely as amazing as that!

  24. Cindi, thank YOU!

    Y, any time! You are too kind :)

  25. How can you bear to cut that masterpiece up?

  26. Nicisme, easily :) Thank you for the compliment :)

  27. Wow!!! I love your design!!!

  28. Morgana, thank you!

  29. Hi Vera,

    I came across your blog today for the first time, and I am hooked !

    your cakes and creations are just perfect. I simply have no words to express how beautiful they are !

    Thanks a lot for sharing them with us.

    – Rupa(Sydney)

  30. Rupa, thank you very much for your kind words!

  31. Hi Vera,
    This is an amazing cake. The clouds and all look awesome. My son is turing 5 and he loved this jet is it possible that I can get the template for this jet. I would like to try and make it in fondant.
    Thanks a lot.

  32. Dhara, thank you. Unfortunately, I lent this book to someone and I don’t have the old template either. Sorry.
    You can buy a toy airplane and try to disassemble it visually and figure out the parts. I usually do it like this.

  33. Thanks Vera,
    Again your work is awesome.
    Do u remember the name of the book?
    Happy baking

  34. Dhara, it’s “Quick and clever party cakes” by Lindy Smith.

  35. Thanks a lot.

  36. Wow! I love it!

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