Alduin the World Eater Dragon Cake

The World Eater is now facing danger to be eaten!

When we asked our son to make a wish-list for his upcoming birthday, the only thing he wrote there was to have an Alduin cake for his birthday party. Under no circumstances could I decline his request. It turned out by far the most time consuming project I have ever endeavored. Aside from its complexity, it was also my very first attempt in air brushing (I got this toy on my own birthday a few months ago, but didn’t dare to start using it until now, so Alduin also served as my guinea pig. And, oh boy, did I love it, despite the fact that my whole kitchen is now colored in a gentle brown-silver hue).

The cake itself and the dragon was my attempt to reproduce a sculpture from a set of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Collector’s Edition (a computer game by Bethesda). I started making it using photos I found on the internet. Later, when we purchased the set, I realized that my pretty birdy was getting way too big, almost twice the size of the statue. To make the whole thing proportional, I had to scale up the size of the cake itself. It was made of four 13″x18″ sheets of chocolate cake, soaked in strawberry syrup, and sandwiched with bittersweet strawberry ganache (5 lbs of chocolate). Alduin’s core is made of modeling chocolate. His scales, horns, and spikes are made from gum paste. The double-sided wings are half-and-half (fondant/gum paste). His eyes are Swarovsky crystals. At first, I planned to make them edible from isomalt, but these ruby-like gems were so perfect in their brightness and size, so I changed my mind. I knew Tim would never ever let anybody have a bite from Alduin, so a couple unedibles seemed OK.

On the stone it says “Happy Birthday Tim” transcribed in Dragon alphabet. The script is also by Bethesda. In the game, the runes mean “shouts” or special magic words that suppose to help the player to defeat the dragon.

Tim loved his cake. Seeing his happy lit face was priceless. I hope my dragon turned out recognizable enough, and gives its justice to the famous dragon. I have never been a computer game junkie myself, but this one got me hooked, I have to admit. The Skyrim is amazing, gorgeously designed game, and absolutely deserves the title the best game of the year of 2011.

P.S. I thought I was so clever and original in making the cake as the Collector’s Edition statue, but it’s already been done by Charm City Cakes (aka Ace of Cakes) for no less than Bethesda itself.

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110 Responses to “Alduin the World Eater Dragon Cake”

  1. Oh my…….you are super talented. The amount of detailing in it. That is a real piece of art work. I like your version better than the Ace of Cakes.

  2. Wow! the amount of love and details in that cake is amazing to say the least
    You are truly talented Eva

  3. Absolutely STUNNING !!!!!

    We (hubby dear & myself) are amazed at the amount of detailing…

    Do you take orders for these theme cakes ?? (If not you must really !!) You have MAIGIC in your hands…. :)


    Cheers !!


  4. Wow … that has to be one of the most details and realistic cakes I have ever seen. I kept thinking o.k. there’s the model, now where is the cake?? Wow. Stunning!

  5. I think that is the coolest cake I have ever seen (and I have seen many cakes). Keep up the good work!

  6. Vera, seriously, how do you do it….?! Awe is my only feeling right now, congratulations!

  7. This is absolutely astonishing! The cake is amazing–congratulations on making a masterpiece!

  8. Brilliant! how long did it take you to complete?

  9. Amazing! I can’t believe that is a cake! Are you absolutely positive that you weren’t taking pictures of a dragon model? I am so very impressed! You are a dragon slayer!

  10. Sharon Summers on April 3rd, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    You are an absolute knockout Eva. An artisan of the highest order. I adore discovering what you create :)

  11. I’m speechless! You are an artist, a sculptor of chocolate and sugar! I’m humbled by your talent!

  12. I cannot find the appropriate words to describe how I felt when I scrolled through your pictures. This sculpture, this cake, is simply astounding and even that is a huge understatement. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!

  13. Thank you, everyone, for such wonderful comments! I am truly flattered.
    Thank you!

    Sandie, Alduin alone took about 2 weeks. It was a big bird with hundreds of scales that had to be pieced together like a puzzle to cover the modeling chocolate entirely.

  14. I think all was said before. The best cake a have ever seen. I´m begining to think, that you are not humane!!!
    Are you planing tutorial of this, I would like to see this.

  15. that is amazing, you are so talented!

  16. Just when you thought you’d seen it all…. WOW. Absolutely amazing. Out of curiosity, how many hours of work was this?

  17. Tracey (SugarPunk) on April 4th, 2012 at 6:19 pm

    Oh my gosh, that is totally amazing. I am in awe of your skill and perseverance. Incredible job.

  18. What a masterpiece! Awesome…Fabulous! You are wondrously talented!

  19. OMG it’s just amazing! Can’t get over all the details! Stunning! You are so talented!

    Sweet regards
    /Fellow baker for Sweden

  20. Wow!! Cake Boss, move over.. there´s a new master of the cakes ;)

  21. I am amazed, mesmerized by this work of art. This is just amazing!

  22. OMG, I can’t believe it. Are you for real, is that really a cake!! Super amazing.

  23. What a fantastic cake!! I’m sure your son was so happy with it :)

  24. This cake is amazing! I could not imagine how long it actually took to make it.

  25. Wow…this is amazing.You are one super talented Mom. Beautiful!

  26. Wow! You are a rock star!

  27. OK.. that must have been posted on the 1st April!! April fools!!!

  28. have maigic in ur hands .that has to be one of tha most detals and realistic cakes i have ever seen.AMEZING

  29. Absolutely stunning! I can’t believe it’s actually a cake – totally in awe of your skill

  30. Your cake blows Ace of Cakes out of the water…

  31. OMG! Obviously I did not see this before ‘Two peas in a pod’. You are amazingly talented.

  32. No, sorry, yours is ten times better than the Ace of Cakes one. I do hope Alduin did not get eaten, it would break my heart. Just unbelievable.

  33. As a fan of Skyrim, and then looking at the Bethesda version, yours stands miles above its counterpart! It’s stunning! The wings in particular must’ve been awkward yet you made them look exactly like the model! (I have one so I can say first hand!) Definitely look into doing this as your own business though! There’s a great deal of talent there! :)

  34. Trick your friends into thinking you’re eating a sculpture! This is pretty amazing, I can’t even begin to fathom how long this must have taken.

  35. By the nine!
    When are you gonna make the throat of the world cake? :P

  36. Words lacks to me at this point it is great.
    Congratulations for this astounding job. I’m amazed.

  37. I… I’m, uh… speechless. Just… be my mom and make me that cake for birthday. Thanks.

  38. That is AMAZING!!! Much more detailed, by far, than the Charm City cake for Bethesda. (no offense intended, but DAY-UM!) You are a seriously awesome mom and have the luckiest birthday boy around. Hope he knows that!

    (and if he’ll let you, you should enter Alduin in every SciFi/Fantasy/Gaming convention Art Show you can. (Among other things it’d get you ‘Artist’ admission and access for your boy. Who wouldn’t love *that*?)

  39. Your cake is so much more detailed, precise, beautifully colored and executed all around, even the rock, than Ace of Cakes’ attempt. My hat’s off to you.

  40. Just no words for this amazing cake replica….

  41. Holy cow man. I love this cake. that is awesome. If I had a cake like that, I’d more want to soak it in lacquer and lock it in a glass case. Gorgeous work.

  42. I didn’t even know this was possible… BTW your cake is far superior hands down to the cake done by Charm City Cakes. Bethesda should have been jealous of your boy’s cake.

  43. Sir, you have surpassed Ace of Cakes in Every Way. Go and make a shit load of money now.

  44. Thank you, guys, very much for your comments. Such nice words from true Skyrim fans mean a lot!

  45. That is seriously incredible. You’re an artist, no doubt about it. I’m absolutely hopeless when it comes to decorating cakes, so I am in complete awe of your skill.

    I now have a new blog to read! I can’t wait to see more of your creations.

  46. Zidders Roofurry on May 9th, 2012 at 9:17 pm

    Wow..just…stunning. You surpassed the Ace of Cakes folks by leagues. Fus do Rah! This cake is so awesome!

  47. Yeah this was posted on April the 1st ladies and gents, aka April Fools Day.

    I believe the cake is a lie.

  48. Your cake is so much better! I love your work of art I hope you make good money from these ads! 8)

  49. Unfreaking believable! Wow! You made an AWESOME cake!! You have one lucky kid. :).

  50. This is a REDICULOUSLY amazing looking cake. Great job!!!

  51. Your cake blows the Charm City cake out of the water! Sooo much better!

  52. absolutely amazing! for the record you cake is about a billion times better than the ace of cake’s version.

    Your talent is unmatched, especially considering this is your first air brushed project.

    I’m assuming you’re a professional, if not, you really should be.

  53. ravensharpless on May 10th, 2012 at 12:04 pm

    The cake is a lie…

  54. This is truly a work of art!!!

  55. I absolutely loved this. You should do a white iced version representing Paarthurnax

  56. yours looks much better than charm city cakes. Amazing work.

  57. I require this for my wedding… OMG!!

  58. your cake is a hundred times better!!!!!! your son is so lucky! i’m 40 and i would scream like a little kid if i got this cake for my birthday.

  59. WHA???? I bow before the Mistress of Cakes! My son will be 16 this summer – I WISH I could do something like that!

    But the posting on April 1? Say it isn’t a lie Vera!

  60. What did you airbrush the dragon with to make it look so shiny? Is it edible?

  61. drago black/justin livengood on May 10th, 2012 at 4:02 pm

    i want this for my birthday!!!!!!!

  62. That’s amazing.

  63. This is really a work of art. I make cakes myself (made a scale model of my husbands ornate Indian sitar (musical instrument) for his 40th birthday) so I can see how much work went into the dragon. I can see it was really a labour of love. I’m so impressed!

  64. Thank you all for the great comments! I couldn’t have dreamed about such a response. I am truly flattered, thank you!

    The cake is not a joke or a lie :) And I still have proof – Alduin is well and alive, although the cake is long eaten. We had a birthday party on April, 1st, and as soon as the guests left, I posted the photos. I didn’t even think it could be considered as an April fools’ joke.

    Carson, I used edible Americolor airbrush colors (gray, brown, black, and silver). Applied in layers, they gave sort of a lacquered look.

  65. That is nothing short of spectacular. You are an amazing individual.

  66. Your Alduin model is MUCH more detailed than the Charm City Cakes one from what I can tell. I definitely prefer the look and overall “feel” of yours to theirs.

  67. Agreed with all above that this version is way better than the Charm City version! Amazing attention to detail!

  68. WOW what a fantastic looking cake..i dont even know how i got here to this site from the call of duty site but im glad i did..since my 14 y/o son loves Skyrim..

  69. As a huge fan of Skyrim, I must say… the Charm City cake PALES IN COMPARISON! This cake is pure awesome. The attention to detail is amazing. Bethesda needs to start calling you for their cakes… I’m sure they’ll be needing one for the release of The Elder Scrolls Online. :)

  70. Wow, this is the first cake, outside of Mike’s Amazing Cakes, that has truly astonished me. You are truly talented, my friend.

  71. I whould love this for my wedding cake. Hom much for you to do another one.

  72. I like to watch Cake Boss, a tv show about a famous family that makes beautifully designed cakes. You sir, however, have talent beyond that of anything I have ever seen. You should have your own tv show, or at least a cake shop of your own, if you don’t have one yet. I would spend every penny I have on a cake like this.

  73. Wow! Being a big fan of Skyrim, I have to say that this looks perfect! Brilliant! Absolutely amazing level of detail!

  74. WOW! Cake Artist and Skyrim fan here and all I can say is that this is incredible! Tim is one very lucky boy!

  75. Your cake looks so much better than the one made for Bethesda!! outstanding talent!!

  76. If I were Tim, I would have been completely heartbroken to take the first slice. To eat a masterpiece like that should be a crime!

  77. I am in awe.
    That is all.

  78. thealien2000uk on May 11th, 2012 at 1:41 pm

    OMG that cake is amazing!!! It makes Chockywockydooda (a famous cake designing firm in Brighton England)look like amateurs and chumps.

  79. Why isn’t there a cut away to show that it’s really a cake?

  80. That attention to detail is just something else!

    P/S Charm City Cakes is completely overrated- some of the stuff they do is neat but I continue to be underwhelmed by what they do.

  81. Ace of cake are frankly pedestrian. Always they use shitty rice crispies and basically they’re crap etc etc…. Yours is actually way way better. this is good enough to be put in a meauseam.

  82. Just amazing, my husband plays Skyrim and i’ve marvelled at the graphics.. Just hoping my 4 year old boy dosen’t see this, as he;ll be requesting it for his next birthday. !

    A++++ for skill and authenticity..

  83. Wow. Just wow. Wish my mom baked me a cake as awesome as this.

  84. Damn, i’ve never seen a cake as perfect as this…

  85. Aperture Science is in cahoots with this.

  86. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER would I allow that to be eaten. It is amazing. So organic looking; as if it could just take off and fly through the room.

  87. park chul hee on May 15th, 2012 at 6:53 pm

    wow i envy your talent and your baby.

    i’ve never seen a cake as perfect quality as this.

    i am so moved your passion and effort

  88. David Moreno on May 15th, 2012 at 9:20 pm

    Don’t see why people wouldn’t want to eat this, though you are lucky I’m not your son. I probably would have taken the head to eat first.

  89. my son saw ur cake…..he went crrraaazzzy. i bake n he wanted a dinosaur cake for the past 2 years, but i can’t work this well. where r u located can i order a cake from u. please email me n let me know. his bday is in july… help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. It was an excellent job done indeed!
    I would bet that I can never, NEVER make anything as well as this.
    Excellent job done, excellent job.
    And please do excuse me for not being able to find the appropriate words
    to describe this masterpiece.
    It has surpassed my imagination on what cakes should be like and left me quite speechless just to look at it.

  91. I definitely think your cake is better than the Ace of Cakes one due to the fact that it was a labor of love rather than money. Plus yours has more detail in the actual cake theirs was a plain stone. All the work went into the dragon with no thought to the cake.

  92. This is the best Skyrim cake so far, hands down. Amazing work.

  93. Absolutely magnificent work! Congratulations :) It was definitely worth all the hours you put into it

  94. We just want to know where the dragon is now?

  95. I just took a look at the Charm City cake (, and yours is much, much better! So much more detail, and the colors and slight sheen are perfect. You bested the Ace of Cakes!

  96. Looks awesome! I agree with everyone else your cake is much better than Ace of Cakes, good job!

  97. that is by far the best cake i have ever seen, from what i can see of both yours and the charm city cake your cake is the superior. i love the level of detail and the swarovski crystals in the eyes gives it that extra malevolent look too. have you ever though about making another cake like this or was this a one-shot?

  98. James (Alpha Geek) on July 10th, 2012 at 7:02 am

    I just looked up the Ace of Cakes version of this and this one is over 9000 times better.

  99. This is the most incredible thing, EVER!

  100. My son asked for a Skyrim birthday cake and then showed me yours. I love his faith in me, but this is way out of my cake-caking league! My heartfelt compliments for your artwork. Now I must come up with something simpler… good luck with your cakemania!

    Geeeez, I could only hope to one day halfway be as good at buffing dragon scales in fondant as you.. you have a very lucky son!

  102. Phew…..I am amazed…how do you do this Vera…bravo…

    I swear i am in love with u coz of ur recipes .
    you are truly incredible.

  104. Oh I think you could make a lot of money making amazing cakes like that! I’d buy one for sure :) in fact if you ever do intend on making these for your fans I would love to know or get an approximate price.

  105. This is absolutly amazing!!!Congrats!!!:))

  106. That is one bad to the bone cake! I have a lot of gamer friends who would find it an honor to devour!

  107. Wow, this is amazing you are so talented, I love all the details

  108. oh! my! fully goodness!! I thought I would do a skyrim cake for my son and I googled and came across yours! Umm sitting here numb, and not sure what to do now. This cake translates TRUE Talent! Your Amazing!

  109. It’s great i want a post it in my blog

  110. Wow! Wow! Wow! I want to make this dragon. Sorry I am not a Skyrim fan, but I am a Game Of Thrones NUT! I want to make this dragon, you are amazing, I have searched for edible dragons and this by far is absolutely amazing. I wish you were doing a tutorial. I am about to begin a “Throne” cake and I really want a dragon as part of my theme, and this would be absolutely the GEM piece for my cake. Did you cut all the scales with a aprticular cutter or did you sculpt them in? Do a tutorial! It would be great!

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