Backyardigans Cake

This cake is one of my most recent creations, for an adorable little kid who obviously likes the Backyardigans TV series. The name of the birthday boy is five letters long, the exact number of characters, so I thought it would be nice to display it this way.

Inside is a chocolate cake, soaked with kirsch syrup, filled with Dalfour’s black cherry jam and Swiss vanilla-kirsch buttercream.

P.S. I’ve been terribly busy lately, my apologies for delayed e-mail replies. I’ll answer all your questions within a day or two. From now I’m planning to be here more often, no more cake orders till the end of August. I’m going to enjoy the rest of the summer, bake with my son and blog about this, and go camping.

And last, but not least. Thank you very much, everyone, who left kind comments on my previous posts. I appreciate it greatly, thank you.

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23 Responses to “Backyardigans Cake”

  1. Deliziosa Backyardigans Cake! oltre che agli occhi è uno spettacolo chissà che buona!

  2. Oh my goodness Vera, I second what Ristoranti Roma said, e’ magnifico!
    So precise in all the details.. you are amazing!!

    Dalla Mia Cucina

  3. That is too cute!!!!

  4. how in the world ?! you’re very talented :)

  5. Perfect n Flawless – love this.

  6. That cake is amazingly beautiful! A really cute creation. You are very talented.



  7. No idea who these people are, but that is just stunning. So pefrect with the details. Can I come learn from you :)

  8. Really adorable. I love the detail and the idea of having the characters hold the letters of the name. So clever! I especially love the marbled color of the foundation rocks and the way that you did the wood deck.

  9. Hi,
    mind blowing cake vera really u are very talented and i have two question please,do you make fondant with the recipe you gave previously?and is it taste good or cornflourly due to icing suger?

  10. I love how each detail is exactly just so! :D I wanna see the inside of it… and then I wanna eat it. This is a problem :/

  11. ristoranti roma, grazie mille!

    Thank you, everyone, for your kind comments! I truly appreciate it!

    kanwal khan, thank you. There’s not that much cornflour in the icing sugar to make a fondant taste like cornflour, so no, it doesn’t have an unpleasant aftertaste. With a cake decorating business I’m involved now, I simply can’t afford spending my time on making a fondant as well. I buy good-tasting Swiss fondant.

  12. This birthday cake is truly AMAZING!! The birthday boy must have been ecstatic when he saw this. You are very talented in your craft. Fantastic job! I would love to see pictures of the process in creating this!

    Manager, Dress My Cupcake (

  13. I really do not like the Backyardigans, but I LOVE your cake. Amazing detail and impecable craftsmanship. Beautiful cake.

  14. You are very talented. So detailed. Amazing!

  15. This is too cute, how are you able to make this? Did you use any modeling chocolate? This cake is amazing and so cute for kids.

  16. This is just gorgeous. It’s almost hard to believe that one person can make something like this with their bare hands. Thank you so much for sharing! This cake makes me smile. :)

  17. Perfect. As always the details are amazing!

  18. Wow, you have some talent for baking! This cake is amazing and so cute. Loving the blog, baker boy

  19. So amazing looks like the boy.never come to terms of cutting n eating tha cake.

  20. Вера, у Вас великолепный сайт и отличные рецепты.Я очень много полезного для себя почерпнула у Вас.Ответьте, пожалуйста, Вы фигурки на торты делаете из мастики покупной или самодельной, или из gum paste? И как быстро и хорошо они твердеют? Заранее спасибо!

  21. Татьяна, спасибо за Ваши слова. Я перепробовала и самодельную и покупную, и в итоге остановилась на швейцарской Albert Uster gumpaste. Она довольно быстро высыхает, но за это я ее и люблю.

  22. How much is this cake?

  23. This is awesome! Please is there a website where I can learn to make these characters

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