Gift Box and Dog Cake

The cake was a present to my best friend’s daughter who is a big canine lover. Since it’s was a gift I decided to make the cake literary looking like one – a gift box filled with the birthday girl’s favorite chocolates. Besides, Anastasia is a very sweet girl, but incredibly picky eater, so giving her the Lindt truffles was sort of my assurance that she would have at least something for dessert.

Inside was an orange cake, soaked in Grand Marnier syrup, filled with chocolate mousseline. Decor is fondant and gum paste. Non edible were only wire and a piece of skewer holding a dog’s head in place (I usually use spaghetti for this, but it turned out we cooked them all for dinner lately).

Happy Birthday, Anastasia! We love you!

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35 Responses to “Gift Box and Dog Cake”

  1. As soon as I scrolled down and saw the first picture, my mouth literally dropped open O: That’s such a gorgeous cake! I wish you made me my birthday cake too XD

  2. gorgeous !!!! absolutely speechless :)) am a great fan of ur work :)) wow – u rock ! good wishes always !

  3. oh this is awesome. so cute!

  4. Love it! It’s so beautiful! That cake is just too perfect.

  5. Waouuuu…impressive!

  6. Amazing! You are so talanted Vera..
    It is a stunning cake..
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us

  7. Wow, you’ve really outdone yourself here! I love the idea.



  8. It’s perfect!

  9. I love it !!!

  10. gorgeous !!!! juss love it!! =))

  11. This is a masterpiece! It would have been such a shame not to have shown it to all of us! This is amazing!

  12. GORGEOUS! Love everything about this cake, even the sad looking dog,lol.

  13. Beautiful cake. What a lucky little girl!

  14. Amazing as long do you think this cake took you to make?

  15. This is truly a masterpiece. At first, I couldn’t believe this was edible!!!

  16. I love the expression on the dog’s face and the way you color coordinate the candies with the colors of the cake (which are so feminine). Beautiful job (as always). But, what is chocolate mussolini? I see you have used it in other cakes. Chocolate mousse?

  17. Wow – those are some impressive cake making skills you’ve got there, hon!

  18. Verochka,

    I wanted to thank you once more for the wonderful gift you created for Anastasia.
    For all of you who are reading this comment, I wanted to share with you that the cake was not only a masterpiece from the outside but inside as well. It tasted absolutely delicious. The kids were thrilled and Anastasia was very very happy. I almost cried when Vera started to cut the cake, it was too perfect to eat. Although Anastasia is a super picky eater (this is so true) she enjoyed the cake very much and made sure we saved her another piece for later. It was really difficult because the cake disappeared in no time. We saved the dog, basket with roses and bones, and the beautiful butterflies. They are treasures to keep.
    This was the best present and surprise ever.

  19. Thank you, everyone, for your lovely comments! It means the world to me.

    Leslie, it was stretched over a week, can’t say exactly how much time I spent on this.

    Laura, it’s mousseline (my comp automatically corrected French spelling and I didn’t notice, sorry :) It is basically a cross between buttercream and pastry cream, or it can be defined as a creme anglaise-based buttercream. The custard is cooked first, then it’s whipped until cool and thick, and then butter is gradually added.

    Olya, dear, thank you very much for the comment! It was my great pleasure to make the cake for Anastasia.

  20. So, so beautiful. Love that doggie. We have a 2 month old cocker spaniel that looks exactly like that. :)

  21. Aparna, thank you! I thought I made a basset hound :) But I sure love cocker spaniels as well.

  22. It’s so beautiful! Amazing as always …

  23. Well done! What an amazing piece of art (I mean what an amazing cake). You are a true artist and a pretty fine photog too! Is there another cake in your future with perhaps a black and rust Doberman girl on it? Have a great day and as Antonina says….Amazing as always.

  24. Oh wow Vera. My mouth was literally open when I scrolled down to see the picture. It’s beyond stunning. Wow

  25. Vera, I can imagine how much happiness you give to the kids!

  26. Stunning and creative. The talent it took to make this cake is obvious.

  27. You never fail to impress me….beautiful.

  28. I’m in the beginning stages of teaching myself to decorate cakes. I’m nowhere near so accomplished. That is so sweet!

  29. That looks fabulous! Exquisite, even. The fact it’s an orange cake inside is genius, I bet it tasted wonderful!

  30. Great idea. the dog is too cute.

  31. I love it. The detail is beyond words. Can you make this cake a plain cake on the inside?

  32. 每一次看您做的蛋糕都是一种享受.它是心灵与视觉的双重享受.它对我来说已经不是用语言可以表达的了.谢谢您把这么美丽的食物做得如此用心.那个小狗的表情太可爱了.

  33. WOOOOW! From one cake decorator to another, AMAZING WORK. Well done. You are truly talented.

  34. Thank you!

  35. What fondant did you use ??
    Can I use marshmallow fondant ??

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