SpongeBob Cake – Camping Episode – Sea Bear Attack

My dear son is turning 9 today. He is still faithful to old SpongeBob. This year the cake is a scene from his favourite episode (and not just his, I have to admit I love this one too). Tim actually designed the cake himself, all I had to do was just make it :)

When I asked Tim if I should bake a chocolate cake again, I got ”It’s spring already, let’s have something light and lemony this time”. He is so my son, I love him! So, inside is a lemon poppy seed cake, moistened with limoncello syrup, filled with white chocolate cream cheese filling, and frosted with lemon Swiss buttercream. All figures are made from gumpaste, everything is edible except the dangling things on Squidward’s sombrero and a hidden skewer holding his heavy head.

The cake might seem small on the photo (I wanted to include every character in the shot), but in reality it’s quite big, constructed from a half-sheet cake, and the board itself is over 15-inches in diameter.

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39 Responses to “SpongeBob Cake – Camping Episode – Sea Bear Attack”

  1. I can’t believe this…

  2. Wow, stunning!



  3. This looks so cute and beautiful …great job

  4. Ammmmmmmmmmazing (as always).

  5. Absolutely beautiful! About how long did it take to put this together?

  6. Absolutely amazing !

    I have watched a lot of sponge bob when I was a kid, it is so incredible to see them on the cake (they look so real, like they are right out of the cartoon or something) !!!!

  7. I always look forward to seeing your cakes, Vera. You are so amazingly talented. The meticulous detail with the fondant, the well-thought out overall design, the perfect execution: you are such a perfectionist!

    And, on top of all that, you put a complex cake inside, with a separate filling and frosting and cake syrup . . . Your son has very sophisticated taste in cakes.

    I have attempted this sort of thing enough to know the effort involved, so I really appreciate what you can do.

  8. You’re an artist! It’s absolutely stunning! Perfect!!

  9. Your skills constantly amaze me

  10. This cake is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Phenomenal!

  11. Amazing! I love SpongeBob and you have perfectly captured all of the characters. I would love this cake for my birthday, and I am a little older than 9 (actually a lot older than 9).

  12. Simply superb – magic fingers at work again……………..good wishes :)

  13. How can you make something this perfect?

  14. Wow, stunning! so cute and beautiful..I always look forward to seeing your cakes. You are so amazingly talented.

  15. Another beautiful creation! What do you make the figures out of? Is it fondant alone or modelling paste? They’re so perfect not even a little crease! Have u thought about having a YouTube tutorial on how to make them? That would be amazing! Thanks for sharing all your creations :)

  16. OMG so cute! Lov the last pic..grrrr….lol

  17. Thank you, everyone, for your wonderful comments!

    Jade, it took awhile. I had to make figures in stages: first legs and feet, and certain body parts, then let them dry, then go on…

    Stef, the figures are made from gumpaste, fondant is too soft for such task. I actually am thinking about YouTube tutorials :)

  18. Ok..how can you be so perfect?? This is amazing. Not one flaw in sight.
    Puts my Sponge Bob cake to SHAME..not even in the same league..not even in the same universe!

  19. Stunning !!! You are such an artist. I finally can’t stand not to comment. You should really consider to be a professional patissiere with such talent. Bravo Vera ! ^.^

  20. Leslie, Reni, thank you both very much! I am truly touched!

  21. This is just beyond gorgeous!!! God knows how much I wish I could make a coke like this for my son’s birthday!

  22. Rachel, thank you!

  23. Best. Sea bear. Ever.

  24. I love it. You’re good chef.

  25. Wow I wish I was that talented! Amazing job!

  26. This is possibly the best cake that you ever made! The best figure is probably the Seabear. Amazingly done!

  27. Holy cannoli – that’s amazing. And I hardly ever comment on stuff. Ever!

  28. Thank you very much! I greatly appreciate your comments!

  29. this may be the best spongebob cake i’ve ever seen. that’s is astonishing.

  30. WOW, this looks better than professional…

  31. I love, love your fondant cakes! They look clean and beautiful!

  32. Thank you!

  33. WOW!! I’m really really love your cakes! amazing!! ^__^

  34. I’ve never seen this amazing spongebob cakes! perfect! :)

  35. Amazing! LOVE IT!! :D

  36. I want that cake topper. I need it by February. Where can I get this?

  37. Viveca, unless you are in Vancouver, Canada I can’t help you. I don’t ship my figures, they are too fragile.

  38. My son’s birthday is coming up and he asked me for a cake with squidward on it and “the bear.” Of course I knew what he was talking about after a little thought since I am stuck watching Spongebob with him, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when I came across your cake! What an inspiration!

  39. This cake is too perfect to eat.
    It must live on in it’s glory forever.

    The Sea Bear behind Squidward is so priceless.

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