Tiger Cake

Sorry, this is not the post I promised. I still don’t have time for a lengthy post. I’ve been doing a lot of cake decorating lately. It’s a time consuming but also a quite satisfying activity. This particular one was made for a boy (a young man, I should probably say) turning his twenty. I was told he’s into martial arts and graphics. His nick name is Tiger, and that’s an animal I was supposed to represent in a cake-form somehow. Since the birthday boy already passed the Winnie the Pooh age (pity… I love Tigger), I had to find more of an adult-oriented solution. This fondant appliqué took me longer than I expected due to the curvy shapes. Well, live and learn… The hieroglyph on the side means “tiger” in Chinese Characters (I think a Japanese character with the same meaning is very similar to it). I thought it would be appropriate considering the boy’s interest in martial arts. I tried to copy the symbol precisely (I know you have to be careful with Asian letterings); I just hope it didn’t get misspelled during the process.

Under the fondant was a Devil’s chocolate cake filled with strawberry jam and bittersweet sourcream ganache.

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49 Responses to “Tiger Cake”

  1. Wow, what a beauty! Perfect decorations!



  2. Oh my, this looks amazing. The decoration of the tiger so neat and precise. Beautiful!

  3. Wow, this looks really great! Gorgeous!

  4. Just stunning! I’m amazed at how clean, crisp, and graphically precise that tiger is!

  5. Vera, this is absolutely amazing! Beautiful job!

  6. What an amazing cake! I love the effect of the black against the white.

  7. You leave me breathless every time I visit your site! You should be sued! LOL! ;P Very pretty cake and yeah LUCKY birthday boy! :)

  8. great craftmanship, love to get the template

  9. Vera, I bumped into baking obsession accidentally and belive it or not I’m kinda glued to ur site drooling over all the goodies, its mind bogling. The cake is fantabulous and i’m wondering if the birthday boy will feel like cutting it. I agree with Y the black and white effect is just perfect. Cheers.

  10. Vera, Bumped into BAKING OBSESSION accidentally and belive it or not I’m kinda glued to ur site drooling at all the goodies, its mind bogling. The cake is fantabulous and i’m wondering if the birthday boy will feel like cutting it. I agree with Y the black and white effect is just perfect. Cheers.

  11. Wow! It’s so perfect! I think I’d be afraid to cut such a beauty open!

  12. OMG it’s beautiful!

  13. Wow, classy!

  14. Very cool!

  15. so…not only is the decoration amazing (bravo), but the cake itself sounds wonderful! i love strawberries and chocolate together!

  16. Gobsmacked. How effective & dramatic that is Vera. Hide it from my daughter…please! She’s gonna want something just like this, with a dragon for her birthday in Jan.This is stunning stuff, & perfect! WOW!

  17. the fondatn decorations look just perfect!!!

  18. You are so talented…just amazing!!

  19. WOW – that is an amazing-looking cake!!!

  20. That is one classy cake. Well done!

  21. Amazing, Vera. You did a marvelous job. Love it!!!

  22. This is cool, Vera. :)

  23. AMAZING!! You did such a great job on this cake; the fondant cut-outs are so clean and precise. I love it!

  24. Thank you so much, everyone, for the comments! You are too kind!

  25. Вера, потрясающе!! Я подозреваю, ко всем прочим талантам, Вы еще и художница :) У Вас очень богатая фантазия и удивительный профессионализм для home baker. Вам определенно стоит поменять профессию – талант дается не каждому :) Удачи Вам!

  26. WOWOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. As always Vera, great job! Very clean and impressive :)

  28. Hi vera, would like to pass this Kreativ Blogger award to you! http://www.pigpigscorner.com/2009/08/leftovers-risotto-award.html

  29. Stunning! Very sophisticated design. So clean, so neat, so perfect looking. Wow!

  30. Thank you so much, guys, for your comments! You do make my day!

    Леночка, спасибо большое! Мне гораздо привычнее менее официальное обращение на “ты” :)

    Pigpigscorner, thank you very much for the award! I am flattered indeed!

  31. Your tiger cake looks divine! Sublime!

    really georgous!!

  32. OMG baking obsession is my new obsession!

    I found you through pigpigscorner as a fellow awardee. woooo!

    Love to find new blogs – especially one as stunning as this. I am not much a baker but i have pulled of a couple wedding cakes. I may hone my insights here.

  33. This cake decoration is just unbelievable in its graphical layout and coloring. It is a piece of art.

  34. That is probably the very coolest cake I’ve ever seen – my boys would go nuts over that!

  35. Oh that is AWESOME! I can imagine that tiger took ages to do… lots of detailed cutting to do there. And in fondant too boot.

    Nice work!

  36. You seem to be so good at everything creative. That’s one handsome tiger on that cake. Though I love “Tigger” too. :)

  37. Wow!! Its stunning, so clever and striking

  38. Amazing! Absolutely flawless! And as a chinese, I can confirm that you nailed the chinese character for tiger, which is pretty complex ;)

  39. WOW!! You are so skilled and creative. How I’d love to cake decorate, but alas I’m no artist.

  40. Hello, I love the Toy Story movies, very good movie!

  41. Never thought you might imagine using this method

  42. it remember me a song; I learned it at school when I was young : “I’ve got a tiger, I found him in the street, He looks very hugry, and he wanted to eat….etc….etc..
    Beautiful, just beautiful!

  43. very detail and cute… thumbs up

  44. Wow, fantastic doesn’t cut it.! I’m going to try and make it for my son’s birthday. Did you use a template or picture? If so, is there any link to it? Thanks, it’s amazing!

  45. Where did you find this stencil? This is perfect for a tiger graduation cake I am making.

  46. I’m with Tara, where did you find this stencil? Wonderful Job!

  47. Bonjour,

    Bravo pour ce magnifique gâteaux !!!! il est vraiment superbe . J’aimerais en reproduire un pour l’anniversaire de mon frère, pourriez vous m’explique la technique pour dessiner le motif du tigre et avoir un résultat aussi net et propre ????

    Merci par avance

  48. Hello….. My son and I love this cake, thank you for sharing. I’m going to attempt to paint (with chocolate) a tiger face for my sons birthday cake. I’m very nervous as I only get one chance. Did you use a stencil and if you did would you be willing to share it?

    Kind regards,

  49. Awesome awesome cake! I too am doing a tiger cake and the birthday girl LOVES the tiger in this. Please tell us where you got this stencil. Pleeeeeaaaase?????

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