Princess Cake for a Little Girl

If a little girl wants a princess cake for Christmas, especially if this day happens to be her 4th birthday, she gets it.

I wish I had a bit more time for this project. I had an elaborate midcentury design for the princess’s dress in mind. But being pressed on time, I put this idea aside. There even was a moment when I thought I had to go with a store-bought doll cake-topper. While very nicely tanned and pretty, the Wilton’s Barbie was shamelessly shedding her hair. I tried to give her a haircut (I’m not much of a groom), but her bare scalp started to shine through. So, I decided to make my own princess. Maybe not as attractive as Barbie, at least my princess wasn’t suffering from a severe form of alopecia.

I’m not completely satisfied with the result. It’s advisable to let the head dry after it’s been formed and only then proceed with the body modeling and the head attachment. Initially, my princess’s face was better defined; she had nicely shaped cheek bones. But since I had to finish all in one day, her beauty suffered. It would be also better to paint-brush her face instead of using thick-tip edible markers (I suspect my little son snatched my thin brush for one of his art projects).

The cake itself was delicious (it was a chocolate cake of total 5 layers filled with whipped milk chocolate ganache and covered with Swiss vanilla buttercream). The girl was more than happy. She called me personally to say thank you. That made me happy, too.

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35 Responses to “Princess Cake for a Little Girl”

  1. Very neat,nice and having good visual impact..simply loved it !

  2. Beautiful, who wouldn’t be happy with a princess like that. Very pretty those curls and lovely dress!

  3. Wow, stunning! This cake looks ever so pretty and realistic!



  4. Beautiful Vera!

  5. I’m speechless. She’s so beautiful, Vera.
    Your little girl is very lucky.

  6. Such a sweet cake. I almost feel a little bad about the thought of cutting into her.

  7. I am so impressed with your work! I would like details on how work with fondant. The riglets are amazing!

  8. Wow! This is drop-dead gorgeous. If this is what you make when you are pressed for time, I would love to see pics of the cakes you make when you have all the time you need. You are a real pro and this princess will be a lifetime memory for this little Xmas girl.

  9. It is so beautiful ! And you complain about it !!! I’d love to know more about it !!

  10. I think there’s something virtuous in presenting a not-so-Barbie-beautiful princess. I’ll bet her “inner” beauty is delicious! :-)

    Seriously, I think a 4 year old would be charmed by something made so (obviously) lovingly just for her.


    Happy New Year!


  11. Oh Vera.. I’m so impressed with your sculpting skills! I don’t know how you do “this” with kids. I’m always rushed in any baking or cooking project I do, that to beautify it this way is impossible for me unless they are out of the house! And my son takes my tools too. :) Your last few projects have showed such skill in your confectionary abilities! And your magazine.. beautiful! Congratulations!! Where can I get one? :) I enjoyed looking through it, is there a subscription page I missed?

    Take care and enjoy your holidays!

  12. WOW! I swear you people intimidate me. I just wonder what the hell I am doing on here with you. Then I think, if I weren’t here I would not be learning and be inspired with ideas and I would not have met you. So humble little me is in absolute awe of you. My french yule log isn’t going so well either. Augh

  13. Vera, I can’t wait until tomorrow to see your log! This is simply gorgeous and I would love to hear any details you want to share about it.

  14. beautiful vera!

  15. wow this looks amazing! I m ve still got my mouth open. It’s great! I would be more than happy to receive this cake if i were 4 years but even now :)

  16. it looks just beutiful, but some hoe it reminds me of a crossdresser, no ofense, it’s just what I see(some itmes I can be a perv) but still very neat, and looks yummy

  17. Oh my, what an absolutely gorgeous job!

  18. Look at that gorgeous curly hair!!!

  19. OMG you are *amazing*!!!! That looks so perfect!

  20. Vera, I turned 24 last Christmas, so can I get a cake like this too?

    I love what you’ve done with the ringlets!! Such attention to detail is what makes this cake so special!! Also congratulations on finishing this cake in only one day!! That’s definitely no mean feat!

  21. That is so precious, Vera! I’ve made a cake like this before, but it didn’t look nearly as good as your does. I love the decoration on the skirt.

  22. This cake is PERFECT!

  23. wow.
    and wow.
    nicely done, vera–and that’s the biggest of all understatements. :)

  24. Stunning… simply stunning perfection!

  25. So cute…. Been looking forward to seeing your yule log!

  26. I think the dress is just beautiful! And you did a great job at creating your own doll!

  27. Oh my goodness, that is one lucky little girl to have received such a beautiful cake!

    I love her hair :)

  28. Thank you very much for your comments, I really appreciate it.

  29. Vera, this is the most beautiful princess cake I’ve ever seen! The little girl must have felt very special indeed to have such a princess for her birthday!

  30. Irene, thank you!

  31. Hi Vera, may I please know what colour to use to tint the doll’s face? Thanks much :)

  32. Nikkita, I used copper color.

  33. I’ve never seen anything as beautiful as your cakes(not just this one).Of course I’m not in the baking business, but your cakes are simply an art work. I can’t wait to place an order for my daughter’s 4th birthday(in August),if you take them.And I will definitely spread the word about your passion. Thank you

  34. Luda, thank you for your kind words! I would be thrilled to make a birthday cake for little Sasha :) And I will also be very much obliged for any referral. Please, e-mail me or call me to discuss the details.

  35. just splendid… did u manage to curl those lovely strands….wish, i could bake one like this for my 4 year old’s birthday….just loved it….and ur blog is superb….kudos…..waiting for more :)

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