Welcome to my blog! I hope you’ll find here what you are looking for, and if not, you can always ask me. I just might have an answer.

My name is Vera. I reside with my family in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Baking got my serious attention over 11 years ago. What started as a pregnancy craving, became, over time, my true love and mind-occupying obsession. Now it is more than a hobby. Following the passion, a dentist became a baker, and the baker turned into a cake designer. I think it was a fortunate flow of events. Being the baker first, I’ve never compromised the taste for the looks.

Now I own a cake atelier where I work at my comfortable pace (well… not always so comfortable; who decorates the cakes understands what I mean) creating exquisite cakes for refined tastes. I also offer private classes for those who are interested in sugarcraft. There are tutorials available on my blog, and I’m planning to add new ones in the near future.

I still love experimenting in the kitchen, creating new recipes for myself and everyone who is in need for a delicious and fool-proof dessert.

My blog is mostly devoted to baking, dessert making, and cake decorating. But there might be some savoury and not baking-related recipes which I believe are worthy to share. Maybe, someone will find them useful as well.

And last, but not least… I want to thank everyone who has expressed the interest in my blog. Thank you so much for your kind comments and feedback on the recipes. They are highly appreciated. I’m looking forward to your future visits. As for me, I’ll try to do everything possible to update the content regularly.

Thank you!

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  1. Vera, I love the new layout and look of your website!! And I think the “About” page is awesome, since it gives us a glimpse of the person behind the beautiful blogs and creations we all love!!

  2. Vera,
    Great make-over of your site! I like it!! With or without make-over, I love visiting your site to see what’s new :o) My compliments on how often you update it. I bake often enough, and take lots of pictures, however, I still can’t find the time to actually post things as often. Some day…

  3. Love the slick new look. And it’s great to read a bit more about the you :)

  4. Vera, Yay, stuff about the lovely person behind this amazing creation. I wish I could post as often as you, but work just wipes me out many days. I have been going through my bookmarked sites and deleting quite a few, you are staying by the way. Pretty cool about being Russian, I would love to go there someday.

  5. You have a delicious blog here! I’m putting you on my roll…

  6. Wow I just stumbled upon your blog and I have to say….it’s gorgeous! Your photography is stunning! I added you to my reader! Can’t wait to see more!

  7. Vera it is so nice to actually see the person whom create such beautiful goodies! I love your blog and the presentation. I love the way you express your love for baking it is so inspirational! Thank you for sharing. Always look foward to seeing your work of art.

  8. Hi. I just chanced upon your blog and the recipes look fantastic! I wish I could bake like this. I was just wondering if you ever went to a baking school or just learned it all at home. I look forward to visiting your site often.

  9. Hi Vera, I’m new to blogging, and I must say, your blog is very inspiring. Great recipes and most importantly, wonderful pictures. I’m surely going to be a regular visitor to your blog.


  10. Здраствуйте Вера .Меня зовут Светлана .Я давно восхищаюсь Вашими талантами и только сегодня узнала ,что Вы говорите по-русске .Спасибо большое за то ,что Вы делитесь своими секрктами и прекрасными фото .Буду ждать ваших новых открытий в кондитерии .

  11. Hi Vera, first time visiting your blog….you have a good collection of recipes and your photos are stunning!!!

  12. Здравствуйте Вера. Я только сегодня неожиданно обнаружила ваш сайт. Получила огромное удовольствие от прочитанного и уведенного. Спасибо за подробное описание рецептов. Скопировала несколько, обязательно попробую.

  13. I can’t believe I’m only discovering your blog now. Not only are the recipes executed with artistry, the photos perfect, but also I love your choice of recipes. I’m looking forward to reading more!

  14. Вера, здравствуйте! Как приятно было узнать, что вы говорите по русски! Я очень люблю печь, пеку часто, и тоже почти каждый день :) Иногда у меня бывают ограничения в ингредиентах, потому что я могу найти встране, которой я живу, не все…Но тем не менее, изучаю, пробую..Хочу подписаться на ваш ресурс. С удовольствием буду получать ваши побновления! Уверена, что все рецепты будут замечательными!

  15. Hi Vera,
    I found your website/blog by way of a recipe comment you left at epicurious.com for hot cross buns.

  16. Вера, всегда с удовольствием посещала ваш блог, и вот только сегодня прочитав русское название “запеканка”, узнала, что вы – русская и мы обе живем в Ванкувере. Успехов вашему длогу! А я посвятила свой блог тому, что нам всем необходимо делать после baking obsessions – очищению организма:)))

  17. I love your photography. I hope you get to work as a Patissier some day – I too would love to bake all day long!

  18. Очень приятно видеть таких умный людей, красиво пишите посты, очень полезно и разнообразно. Буду вашей постоянной читательницей. Еще раз спасибо.

  19. 哇,太漂亮了.第一次看到这么精致的西点.别致啊.我也喜欢自己做些小甜品与好朋友分享.但与你一比,真是差了十万八千里啊.太好看了.艺术品一样啊.佩服佩服.而且还有配方哦.以后希望我也能做出这么漂亮的东西啊.

  20. Vera, lovely blog and lovely all you make! I write my blog too about cooking, but your cakes with fondant are the best! For example Hippo od Princess – the great job! An the chocolate roses – wonderful! I come to visit this sites more often… Thanks for your inspiration!

  21. Hello Vera

    Thank you very much for a wonderful blog,
    I was searching for chocolae plastic roses,
    and end up here, its so beautiful, i am going to
    try my hand and learn from you.. hopefully i will
    thanks again

  22. This is such a wonderful website! Thank you so much.

    Your baking is so inspiring and it shows me that i have so much to learn. Your flavour combinations are delicious and different. My mum also is greatly impressed, your photography is better than most food magazines.

  23. HI Vera,
    I need to give you a compliment.
    You have a very tidy creation. I seldom see any baker created such tidy and neat work.
    Well done!!!

  24. Wow, your cakes are great and your pics are wonderful! What a wonderful blog! Congratulations!!!!

  25. Nice blog, Vera.
    Ciao Valeria from Italy

  26. I really love your blog and I am so glad I’ve found it. Congratulations!

  27. Hey Vera! I am so glad I landed here! LOVE your blog! U are super talented!! Very well done!

    - Ria from Kerala,India

  28. Vera,
    What a wonderful blog! I just subscribed and am enjoying it so much. I’d love to see a recipe for pashka, if you know a good one!
    All the best,
    Rockville, Maryland

  29. I have to thank you. I found your site by accident and am now so thoroughly thrilled that I did. Your desserts are so beautiful and your pictures are so, so amazing! I can’t wait to follow your blog and look forward to many more delicious desserts to tempt me.

  30. Hi Vera,

    I LOVE your website, whenever I need an inspiration, this is my first stop. I am fairly new to blogging but love cooking and baking…I hope I can have results as great as yours one day!!!

    Keep up the great baking Vera


  31. I would like to feature your blog for blog of the week, I run these on Mondays of every week, let me know if it would be ok with you.

  32. Your food photos are just incredible, Vera. You are one multitalented gal! Love your blog–it’s beautiful.



  33. What a beautiful person… no wonder the food and Blog and beautiful too.. I love reading your Blog, though I am not able to make my favourite stuff, as I am unable to eat eggs… :(

  34. I discovered your site, your photos are marvelous.I really appreciate the presentation, recipies are irrésisitbles.
    I have a french cooking site with cakes,dessert and bread recipes : 76 recipes in English, and 380 recipes in french. I made up all myself. I put a link to your site, it would be nice if you did the same.
    Best regards.

  35. Hi there,

    I just happened upon your page because I was looking for a recipe for a Swedish Princess Cake. A colleague who is from Sweden had jokingly said she would pay 100 Euros just for a slice of that cake so I thought I’ll look into it and maybe surprise her … but my goodness, I have never seen such a “fussy” recipe, I won’t bother after all! :o)

    Looove your pictures, every detail is pleasing to the eye.

    Love baking myself, I am an Austrian in Ireland (I trained as a chef but never worked as one, I just cook and bake for pleasure and my family!) and in the fortunate position that not a lot of Irish people can bake well so they all love what I produce! :o)

    I will certainly continue to look to your blog for inspiration.

    And you should indeed consider going professional, as you mention in this part of the website – any updates on that?

    Greetings from the rainy country!


  36. Hi Vera, I am delighted to know your blog, I really like your recipes and your pictures ….

    A greeting!

  37. Hi!!
    I LOVE your site and try whichever of your recipes that I can find all the ingredients for (quite limited here), so far not a single flop, amazing, everything’s yummy and looks great. Gracias.
    Mary-Ann, Argentina

  38. Oh My God, what a lovely collection of recipes and outstanding photography. I am wanna be food photogrpaher and run a blog. Please share tips of food photography.

  39. I just discovered your blog, and I’m so impressed by your bright, clear, clean, colorful, lovely photos. Words cannot describe how beautiful your photos and food are.

  40. I absolutely love your pictures. Can you take a moment to tell me what camera and lens(es) you use?

  41. Greetings from Austin Texas…

    Wow…your blog is amazing!!! I came upon it while looking for a recipe for Opera Cake and yours is stunning. I am 40-something and just enrolled in pastry/baking school – finally pursuing my passion instead of just a paycheck! You work is truly inspirational… BAKE ON!!!


  42. Dear Vera,
    Wow! I am speechless… your blog looks fabulous and has really amazing recipes.The photography is simply oustanding. Keep up the great work!

    Best Regards,

  43. Vera – WOW! You are truly skilled in the arts of baking and photography. I follow a lot of food and baking blogs and your recipes are by far the most creative and beautifully captured. I hope you continue to follow your passion because you are very inspirational.

  44. GREAT recipes and GREAT pictures!
    I lovee your blog… :)
    Jana – Osterhofen, Germany

  45. Vera, what a lovely site. The photographs of your food are so beautiful. And the recipes are very exciting. I can’t wait to try some of them. I love to bake as well and find it quite relaxing. Unfortunately I do not get to back very often, maybe only a few times a week.

    But you are inspiring and I will be trying many of your creations.

    I plan to visit often.

  46. This is one of the most inspiring food related blogs I have seen so far. It all started with your chocolate plastic roses and after that I have been a regular visitor. I haven`t left any comments so far but I am really impressed.
    I have also recently discovered how much I like baking (but not before I left my native country, my proffession, family and friends and moved to USA).

    from former veterinarian to former dentist…:-)

    Best regards.

  47. Love your photos and yummy looking, unique baked goods! I too, want to bake ALL the time. I need to find more time! Great blog.

  48. Just discovered your fantastic blog! Turns out we both share baking a obsession :)….But seriously your desserts are sickeningly perfect! I’ll be dropping by more often!

  49. HI,

    I liked your blog very much. i am really fastinated by your recipes and the pictures are too good. They are very tasty to the eyes. I am from india and do a bit of baking but most cookies.

    Thanks for a nice recipe for the mind :)


  50. Sweet blog post.. keep on writing these great blog posts! I will be subscribing to your rss :)

  51. I just came across your blog and I have to say your decorated cakes are incredible! Everything else looks pretty good too though – great recipes and great photography.

  52. Hi Vera…

    I just found your blog today and I’m sooo happy I did!! I just made the caramel frosting recipe… and next is the caramel filling.. for the banana cupcakes.. My hubby at the last two bananas in the house so tomorrow, when we go to the marché, I’m going to buy some more and continue the recipe!!!
    I’m so excited! Thanks for your lovely recipes and beautiful, drool-over pics!
    A new fan in France!

  53. Hello Vera!! I just found out this awesome website!! I LOVED IT!! Congratulations! the website is great and the recipes are delicious, right now Im about to bake the checkerboard cookies!! THANKS A LOT!!!!

  54. Vera! Rada bila naiti vas blog!!!

  55. hi vera ,loved ur blog ,great recipies sure to try them all they look ymmmmmmmmmy

  56. Hi, Vera! I love your site and your recipes, especially the wonderful cakes you make! I have one thing to ask you, if you please: would you mind if I went with the “Frog on a pond cake”, “Monkey and ten dozen bananas cake” and “Mickey Mouse and Birthday fireworks cake” photos to a confectionery to have a cook make a cake for my birthday next week? I live in Romania (Eastern Europe) and unfortunately I cannot contact you for making a cake for me, but I would love to have one inspired by your creations! They are the most amazing birthday cakes I have ever seen in my life!!!

    Thank you for answering me,


  57. I love that you just post recipes without a lot of stories or words! It’s perfect!

  58. Hola, ya se que español no hablas, pero yo no se ingles ni ruso. Me encanta concinar y en especial hornear (bake), y en visto tu página y me encantan tus recetas y tus fotos. Me quedaré dando un paseo. Es la manera que tengo de practicar el ingles y aprender cosas nuevas.
    te deseo lo mejor
    Un abrazo desde España

  59. Hi Vera,

    Of all the web site of baking I have browsed, I realized that your creation is really neat and tidy too. You must be very particular of your work and the output of it. I hope one day I could be as good as you do.

    Janet, Malaysia

  60. Hi there!
    This is such a beautiful website, I was wondering, did you build it yourself and if so what program did you use?
    And food is even more gorgeous :)

  61. Здравствуйте, Вера!
    Вы совсем пропали. Надеюсь, что у вас все в порядке и вы скоро к нам вернетесь. Очень жду ваших новых рецептов с замечательными фотографиями.

  62. Hello,

    Just dropping by to say something you might have allready heard thousands of times. Your blog is absolutely awesome! I tried your checkerboard cookies and they were devoured by my little sisters, my mom and my dad. I can’t wait to try the heart to give and the poker chip ones, they are just so original and nice looking.
    Hope you keep posting awesome recipes.

  63. hola vera te cuento que no se ingles ni ruso pero eso no nos detiene para poderte escribir te felicito muchisimo…. eres un genio para todo lo que es hornear lastima que no se ingles para poder hacer todas las recetas tuyas que son estupendas y maravillosas, a mi tambien me encanta todo lo que es hornear es lo mas rico de este mundo y lo mas bello que unos ojos puedan ver, osea ver cosas como las tuyas horneadas son cosas sublimes , lindas que nos levantan el animo, dios te bendiga te mando un gran saludo desde mi tierra bella bogota (colombia.)…ojala algun dia puedas venir a enseñarnos muchas cosas …un besito y barazo rocio…

  64. I miss your posts, Vera! I hope all is well and you are enjoying your puppy.

    If you get a chance, could you please tell me if you have ever heard of a cookie (Ukrainian, I think) called koshychky (sp?). It means basket in Ukrainian and it is made with a flower shaped mold and it is filled with a coffee filling and drizzled with chocolate.


  65. Love your blog! Your creations are amazing. You’ve got a super neat hand. You must’ve been a really good dentist if you can be so good with cake decorating. I am a dentist too and I’ve discovered my love for baking a few months ago. Keep up the good work!

  66. i love your web site i own a resturant and i use your recipes to create desserts for my resturant and they off like a hit. where has your archives been i hope you have not stopped to put more on.
    i love your work and your recipes
    keep up the great work

  67. Am just discovering the joy of cooking, but baking in general. Have found your blog through a search on Scandinavian Princess Cake. Love the recipes and I love the photos. Hope to try one of your many delicious looking recipes soon.

  68. Вера, здравствуйте!
    Сегодня через другой сайт нашла Ваш блог и вот уже несколько часов не могу оторваться от всего великолепия, которое здесь увидела. Спасибо за труд, за идеи, за мастерство!
    Вдвойне приятно, что мы говорим на одном языке. :)

  69. Привет.

    Мы на самом деле знакомы были в Ванкувере когда то. Сейчас мы правда в Брисбане, Австралия.

    Очень красиво печёшь и пишешь. Талант.

    Привет семье.


  70. Вера, здравствуйте! Вчера совершенно случайно вышла на ваш блог, задав в поиске Pain Viennois, и была очень рада обнаружить, что у нас есть что-то общее :)

    Чрезвычайно понравился ваш сайт, буду с большим удовольствием следить за его пополнением!

    Удачи вам в исполнении вашей мечты!

  71. Вера, как приятно было обнаружить ваш блог! Искала медовый кекс, и вот он, чудесный, у вас. Я помню его вкус с детства, очень хочу попробовать испечь.

    Спасибо вам огромное за радость, которую вы подарили своими рецептами! И удачи в вашей мечте!

  72. Вера, здравствуйте. Я уже давно заглядываю на ваш сайт. Пока только пассивно, но исправлюсь. Сколько же таланта, замечательных и оригинальных идей! Спасибо за это. У себя на сайте я бы хотела дать ссылку на ваш блог. Думаю, моим читателям будет интересно открыть для себя такой талант. Не возражаете? Всего наилучшего и удачи!

  73. hello Vera,

    I am wondering if you can post the recipe with in gram? or in ml?


  74. Your creations are stunning. Congratulations :)

  75. Vera;

    Congratulation for so incredible website. I’m looking forward to try some of your recipes.

    Best Regrards,


  76. hi vera. while searching the net about glucose, i ended up in your fondant recipe post. your decorated cakes are stunning. i wish i am as creative. i love baking and one day i wish to decorate wedding cakes but i’m afraid i am not very creative person to be successful in that field. i’m glad i found your site. now, i have a new favorite site and recipes to try. sure, i’ll be back here frequently.

  77. Hi Vera,
    I love your site! I seem to be having trouble seeing all the recipes. When I scroll to the bottom, there is no ‘next page’ button. I am trying to browse your archives as well as categories of food.

  78. I love your website! I was thrilled to see such gorgeous, delicious looking recipes. I can’t wait to get started baking these gems! Thank you!

  79. Hi Vera,

    Surfing, stubled on your site by accident. Amazed by it and have since spent several hours browsing. Beautiful photography. Soon, will be trying out some of your exotic looking recipes. Thank you so much.

  80. Hi Vera – I just ran across your blog when looking for a panna cotta recipe. What a great site. I definitely want to come back to it so I added yours as a Featured Link on my site. Thanks so much for sharing your talents.

  81. Hi vera,
    Just browsed through your site, the photo’s were an absolute visual treat. Its evident that, u really have an obsession for baking and not passion alone. Wish you had more of bread recipes and a photo gallery of your recipes.

  82. Здравствуйте, Вера!
    Меня зовут Алёна, 36 лет, я из Пенсильвании, США.

    У вас совершенно невероятный блог. Я потрясена. Каждый ваш рецепт – шедевр. Я не подлизываюсь ;-) Это сермяжная правда! :-)
    Мне у вас есть чему поучиться. И честно говоря, я мечтала бы с вами познакомиться вживую.

    Я никогда не пекла, но настал чтот час, когда я взяла муку, масло и начала что то выпекать.
    У меня есть сыночек, недавно ему исполнилось 4 годика. Мы решили отпраздновать его день рождения и пригласить гостей. Вот тут я столкнулась с проблемой, что негде заказать приличный торт. Позже нашла некоторые пекарни, которые могли исполнить заказ, но цена повергла меня в шок.
    Поэтому было решено попробовать сделать торт самой. Вроде получилось неплохо. Друзья были в восторге. Потом начали звонить и просить чтоб я сделала что то подобное и для них. Таким образом я уже испекла 4 торта. Пока не много. Но мне всё больше и больше это нравится.
    Буду делать ещё. И тоже, возможно, сменю профиль ;-)

  83. It’ s такой подарок, и I благодарственное для делить вас рецепты вместе с вашим конечным результатом. Влюбленность взлелеяла в печенье для возвращения смешка и хлопа руки от child’ наслаждение s, к тому из scarfing соучастника как если бы некоторый похититель в surround схватил бы его лелеяет кусочек – все которое остает кусочек шоколада на его щеке, по мере того как он пристальные взгляды с таким соответствием и smirk гордости. It’ s этот вид утехи которая заполняет woman’ сердце s. Благодарственный Ирен

  84. Wow! I think Im in heaven! I think I just moved… to your website! What an incredible work. Vera, if I may ask who is taking the pictures their are amazing as well as a product.Do you actually come up with recepies yourself , in this case i will feel very quilty to “adopt” them :).
    Vera quick questions about cake decorating. Why do you use gum paste insted of fondant and do you make it or buy. Second, how do you achive such bright colors on the figurines?
    thank you so much for you site! janna

  85. Vera, You are an inspiration to this ex-baking fanatic. I used to love baking it was my meditation, then “life” intervened. After visiting your blog, (in idle search of coconut-pineapple anything), my baking spirit is renewed. All of your work, your artistic presentation, your thoughtfulness is a standard of excellence. And the way you express yourself in English is enchanting.

  86. after seeing almost al ur creations….m getting attracted to baking…..i love ur cake decorations….ur really excellent in that…..keep posting things like that……

  87. OMGOMGOMG YAY! YOU’RE FROM VANCOUVER TOO! i LOVE your work, it’s AMAZING, seriously mind blowing, you make lovely cakes! :)

  88. Vera; I have used many of your dessert recipes for my dinner parties and they are always a big hit. I love your blog, your creations and the pictures. Please don’t stop. :)

  89. Harika bir blog olmuş. Ellerinize sağlık, özellikle baget ekmeğin oyularak doldurulmasına bayıldım. İstanbul’dan sevgiler,

  90. i just saw your you work of work and i like you it i would like to see more and also learn from you thanks you have made my day.

  91. This is the best food blog I have come across so far. I have been following blogs for about 3 years now. Straight to the point, original ingredient combinations, stunning, beautiful photos and baked goods. You know what? Don’t worry about telling us “stories”, your recipes speak for themselves and are a hit. Amazing work – thank you.

  92. i’m a dentist too and i want to say that your creations looks really great in the photos, nice photography by the way. the recipes look so tantalising i can’t wait to try them too!

  93. The next year I will started university , I am going to study dentistry and I love make desserts , Im a newbie , you are a inspiration for me !!

  94. Hi Vera,
    I discovered your blog about half an hour ago, and I am still here, saving links to recipes to try :-). I am so impressed with your recipes and your photography – you’re so talented! And I was so happy to see that you’re also from Vancouver, yey! It’s really inspiring to know that there are such great food bloggers living right here.
    Nice meeting you and I’ll be back to your site very soon!

  95. Hi Vera, I just found this site on a list of baking blogs. I think you have a real talent for baking and the photography. Why do the best ones seem to come from British Columbia?? I just started my own blog recently (beyondthebread) and am looking to see some of the beautiful baked goods and photos other writers are putting up. This site is a real gem. Come by my blog sometime and let me know what you think. I would really appreciate a seasoned pro’s opinion.

    Best of luck and keep baking!

  96. Your cakes are PERFECTION!

  97. Hi Vera,

    I do not have words to appreciate your work dear, fabulous job. I was just amazed by the Thomas cake done, my son is crazy on Thomas. I wish I could bake Thomas like that one da. Keep up the great work..

    Elkridge, Maryland

  98. Hi!
    I am disappointed to see that you’re a women, because I was going to ask you to marry me…
    Btw, everything looks so delicious, and you really know how to style what you cook! Hope you keep up the good work, your blog is really worth following!

  99. Sanskriti Inamar on February 13th, 2012 at 5:49 am

    Love ur baking site.. I loved ur spongebob cake.. is there are recipe for that?

  100. Sanskriti Inamdar on February 14th, 2012 at 8:44 am

    I have a question.. Do you have the recipe for the sponge bob cake? And what camera lens do you use. 1love ur pictures!

  101. whoa..what more that i can say..look at all the comments you’ve got..a lots of them..i love your blog too..they’re owesome..thanks for sharing.. ^_^

  102. Wow. Your English is better than many native speakers! never feel shy about your English writing!

  103. Hi Vera,

    Your creations are breath-taking. These are seriously one of the most beautiful, flaw-less and creative cakes I’ve seen. You are generous to share some of your techniques with us. I hope you decide to do baking full time. Clearly, you have the requisite talent and passion for carving a niche for yourself. I am almost envious of your attention to detail :)I am not sure if you already do, but you must conduct classes. Cake decorating skills, in my opinion, are the holy grail of professional and home baking.
    Wishing you all the success in your kitchen.


  104. Hi Vera,

    You know good cooking skill and also good inspiring post we are impress and appreciate you.

  105. Love your blog and the fabulous recipes!

  106. Hi Vera,

    Congratulations on owning a fabulous blog with such meticulously written recipes !!! I tried the white chocolate and Brie Cheesecake and fleur del sel hazelnut brittles a couple of years ago. I served it with a tropical mango icecream ( super easy recipie) – probably not what everyone would do……but it turned out to be such a hit…..

    Absolutely love your ingredients….it does take some looking to find some of them….newzealand was easier but now much harder to find them in india…good luck…..and u are an ace baker with a true love for gorgeously flavoursome food….

    Well done and keep up the good work…


  107. Hi, I have only stumbled across your blog today! What a lovely and beautifully thought out blog. I am also into baking but … learning all the time. I am dying to try your honey walnut and cardamon upside down recipe – looks divine. Thank you and I am sure by now… you are no longer a dentist but a proud owner of a patisserie? (!)
    Thank you for such great ideas. I am going to try your fondant, as the brand we get in South Africa is disgusting to say the least, and totally unstable. The only one I have tried is with Marshmallow, which also did not turn out nicely and ended up in the trash too! This is a serious business for me as when one gets a rotten batch – and struggles with the wedding cake its just very stressful.
    Keep up the good work. Would love a tutorial on that fondant?

  108. I just love ur baking and presentation!

  109. I myself have a deep loving for all things cooking and baking. My family owns a Plantation in Louisiana where we cook up Cajun dishes for our customers. In fact it was one of my clients that informed me of your site. She told me to check out the recipes and beautiful pictures. I put it off for soo long and finally getting around to it. And I MUST SAY “GOOD JOB” the site looks amazing and pictures turned out great as well. I hope to incorporate some of your recipes into my own cooking giving it an ethnic blend. lol

  110. Hi! I was insprired by your blog that you’ve just startedIas a hobby. I do love to cook especially for family, its a fulfillment if they enjoyed eating what you prepared for them with all your love and passion. I wanted to started my new business, would you think i can do this and what do you suggest for me to start with.



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