Minecraft Pig Cake


This was my son’s birthday cake this year; he is into Minecraft nowadays. The cake seems pretty simple, isn’t? Well, it is not. The difficulty is to be able to attach all these tiny squares to the cake and meet your deadline. It’s not a topper that you can make in advance and stretch the process over days; you have to do it fast enough to serve the cake still fresh. It took me 24 hours straight – a day and a whole night (what can’t a loving mother do for her child…). So, if you are thinking about recreating this idea, find a helper who would do pig’s rear while you are gluing squares to its head.

Inside was a lemon cake moistened with lemon syrup and filled with gentle color of pink strawberry Swiss meringue buttercream to match the pig’s exterior. The size of the pig’s body was 8″x5″x4″ and the head was a 4″ cube – an enormous surface to cover with tiny mosaic pieces, beware!



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28 Responses to “Minecraft Pig Cake”

  1. WOW, just wow! That’s amazing. How on earth did you get all the squares to sit on so perfectly and for the lines to be so sharp and smooth. Its stunning.
    I wouldn’t have wanted anyone to eat it

  2. Vera, it’s good to have you back! And it couldn’t be any other way than with another one ov your masterpieces!!! WOW, amazing cake, how do you do it….?!!!! Congratulations, I’m sure your son must have been very happy with this treat. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hi Vera,

    I’ve been following your blog for the last four years. So glad to see you post after ages.
    This cake is phenomenal.

  4. Wow, this is awesome. My nephew is into Minecraft, too. And his birthday is around the corner. Wish I were as talented as you to make this cake!

  5. That is amazing! My son is into Minecraft too and I was planning on making him a minecraft cake too… You are an inspiration!

  6. Katie, Tesei, Radhika, Dee, Janete, thank you very much for your kind comments! I appreciate it greatly! It sure feels good to be back.

  7. I ended up seeing this cake after Mojang’s CEO, Carl Manneh, tweeted about it – fantastic work!

  8. Astragali, thank you very much!

  9. Pretty impressive! What are those exterior squares made of? Also, were you working from the game’s texture file?

  10. What does your underlying structure look like and would you if I recreated your cake? I’d definitely credit you.

  11. How much would one cost if you made them commercialy?

  12. Great job! You hit the minecraft forums! This is the official community for minecraft!

  13. Yep, I just visited the official Minecraft forum, and this was at the top of the front page! Amazing work, I must say. I’m 25, and I’d scream like a little girl if my wife made me a cake as awesome as this!

  14. I saw this cake on the minecraft forum and I have to say, it is just amazing! Great work!

  15. Dave, thank you. The squares are made of gum paste – sort of edible sugar dough that can be rolled very thin and dries hard. I was referring to the game’s screen images trying to recreate the main features of the pig.

    Kyla, I’ve sent you an e-mail.

    Oliver, I do make the cakes like this for clients, the price depends on many factors – the size of the cake and, sometimes, on how nice the client is.

    Evan, thank you! I’m honored to be noticed.

    Dr3W, thank you very much! Maybe, your wife could make you the cake just like this one day; I’m releasing a detailed tutorial soon explaining the process.

    Devin, thank you very much!

  16. As a Minecraft nerd myself, I must say you did a most excellent job! Hope your son had a great birthday, by the way!

    Also, your post here has been featured on the official Minecraft forums. Not too shabby!


  17. DioM, thank you very much. I do appreciate all the interest it’s getting.

  18. Shufflesninja on April 21st, 2013 at 4:07 am

    Wow, now THIS is impressive! I’ve never seen a cake so great!

  19. Shufflesninja, thank you!

  20. Would it be too weird to make a Minecraft cake for a kid in High School and surprise him at his birthday party??

  21. I would like to know the recipe I would love to make it for my Fiancee birthday.

  22. Vera,
    I would love to attempt this for my sons 11th birthday, would you have any objections or advice on constructing the cake (i can’t for the life of me see how to attach the head!!)?
    Obviously I will credit you for the design, although I am far from professional and it will only be facebook pictures.

  23. David, why do you think it can be weird? Unless the kid tries to keep his interest in Minecraft secret from his pals and classmates, I think he should be pleasantly surprised if you make such cake for him.

    Samantha, a tutorial explaining the structure and cake carving will be available on my blog shortly.

    Jennie, I’ve made a detailed tutorial how to build a supporting structure and shape the cake. It will be available for purchase in a couple of days. And you can always ask my advice.

  24. Wow! I am impressed. My son also wanted a Minecraft cake. I made mine to look like the cake in Minecraft and then had the kids draw Minecraft characters and stuck them in with skewers! He was quite pleased— but this ups the ante!

  25. Vera, fantastic!
    I look forward to trying it.

  26. Pamela, thank you for you words! It’s great to involve the kids into the process. My son has been baking with me since he was two. Well, now he’s more into cake design; he designs his cakes and I make them :)

    Jennie, thank you very much! It’s not that difficult, just takes time.

  27. Vera, this cake is absolutely amazing! My 22 yr old son and my 5 year old daughter LOVE Minecraft. My daughter will be turning 6 soon and I would love to make this cake for her birthday! I’m an amateur and I’m sure my version will pale in comparison…but I definitely want to give it a try. My Daughter would be so excited if I can pull this off. May I ask what you used for the ground and is it also edible? Again, absolutely AMAZING!

  28. This is an amazing cake. My Stepdaughter wants a minecraft pig cake for her birthday. Can you send me the recipe and instruction on how to make this cake?

    Thanks, Patti Anne

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