Thomas the Tank Engine Tutorial

The long time promised tutorial for the Thomas the Tank Engine figure is available now! I included the instructions for setting the figure on a cake and finishing it with ties and rails. If you have any questions I am always happy to help, don’t hesitate to ask.

Thomas the Tank Engine Figure Tutorial

Price: $10.99 via Paypal (you don’t have to open a Paypal account).

Please provide your e-mail address along with the payment!

After the payment is processed, the tutorial in the form of a PDF file will be sent to the payee e-mail address. This e-mail will include the tutorial and instructions for opening the file. Please allow 12 hours for the file to be emailed to you. If you don’t see the tutorial in your inbox, please  check your SPAM folders (especially, if you are a user). If you still can’t find it, please email me (use the Contact button on top of this page). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the file. Thank you for your business!



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46 Responses to “Thomas the Tank Engine Tutorial”

  1. OMG, I received mine this morning and as the narrator in Thomas would say: “I was delighted!”. As usual in Vera’s work, there’s perfectioninsm in every detail and careful explanations for a gorgeous result. I just wish mine will look like Vera’s… can’t wait to try (neither can my son!) Thank you once more Vera for sharing so much time and work. I totally recommend it to anyone looking to make professional cakes in your home, non-professional kitchen.

  2. oh that looks way better than the ones I used to try and make, LOL. Great work!

  3. Dear vera,

    In live in holland and I to purchase this tutorial.
    Is paypal the only way to pay?

  4. Arilena, thank you for your interest. No, you can pay with any major credit card. Just click the “Buy now” button and follow the “Don’t have Paypal account” link. Hope this helps!

  5. Thank you, i’ll try to night. Can’t wait to make the train my self.. :)

  6. Hello,
    I just purchase the Thomas the Tank Engine Tutorial
    today Can’t wait to get so i can do one for my grandson..

  7. Hi

    I just paid for the tutorial but I need to make it tonight! Eeek – can’t wait 12 hours! Any chance you can send it to me as soon as possible otherwise I’ll have to get a refund (should have read it properly)

    Let me know
    Jo xx

  8. I just send payment via paypal, I can’t wait to get my tutorial. :)

  9. I’ve just send payment via paypal. I can’t wait to get it too! :D

  10. Is this Thomas tutorial a cake train or a fondant train topper??

  11. Danielle, this is a gum paste topper tutorial, not a cake.

  12. Hi, have emailed you regarding the purchase, need your assistance urgently, thanks! :)

  13. Agh! Stupid PayPal sent it twice! If you could refund one that would be great. Can’t wait to make it!

  14. Hi

    Sorry I paid for the tutorial but the PayPal account has the wrong e-mail address.can you please send the PDF to the one supplied.

    Thank You


  15. I am interested in purchasing the Thomas pdf but i am from the UK, the form doesn’t have uk on it? Can i still order. Also when will i receive if i pay via paypal today? Emma

  16. Emma, I sent you an email.

  17. Hi Vera,
    I just paid for the PDF and I was just wondering when you’d be able to send them to me? Very excited to make your amazing topper! :-D

  18. Nicole, I just sent it to you, please check your email.

  19. Hi Vera, I have just purchased The Thomas the Tank Engine tutorial. If possible can I please have the tutorial sent to me As Soon As Possible.

    Thank you, very much appreciated xx

  20. Hi, i am too from the Uk and would love to purchase the tutorial, i am in need of it asap as i have sons cake to make for the 21st Jan 2013 can you help? Many thanks x

  21. Li, I have just sent you the tutorial. Thank you!

  22. Acabei de comprar o tutorial.

  23. Céu Matos, I just sent to you the tutorial. Muito obrigada!

  24. hi vera- does your tutorial give the recipe for the fondant or flowerpaste or whatever paste you used to make the pieces of this cake with?

  25. Sadia, I use store-bought gumpaste (Swiss Albert Uster’s) for making figures and flowers. It dries quickly, yet it gives you enough time to model a piece, and it dries hard. I believe,they ship worldwide. You can turn a store-bought fondant (home-made doesn’t work here, it stays somewhat soft) into a modeling paste by kneading in a little bit of tylose powder into the fondant. The exact quantity of the tylose depends on the brand of fondant since the texture varies between brands. For a example, Albert Uster’s fondant is too soft and doesn’t work at all. Wilton’s is too stiff and requires less tylose, a tiny bit too much and it will turn into a stiff and crack-prone paste. SatinIce is, probably, the best suited for turning it into a gum paste; I usually add 1/2 tsp tylose for 250g of fondant. In the end it all comes to a personal preference, you, probably, should try different brands of ready-made gum paste or fondant+tylose combos and see for yourself. Hope it helps.

  26. Can I buy this tutorial in the uk? It looks very interesting. Can I use ready made modelling paste ? Instead of fondant & tylose ? how far in advance do you make the topper and rest of decorations. Do you freeze cake before using it ?

  27. Gail, it doesn’t matter where you live, I will send you the tutorial by email.

    Yes, you can use ready-made modelling paste. That’s what I use most of the time.

    You can make the topper well in advance (up to several weeks). Keep it in a cardboard box at room temperature, out of the daylight, to prevent color fading.

    I never freeze cakes, unless I have to sculpt the cake, then I freeze it briefly.

  28. I’m interested in purchasing your tutorial but I tend to worry about copyright infringement. By purchasing your tutorial do I also get copyright permission to use the Thomas the Tank Engine image?

  29. Alaskan, if you are planning to mass produce this, I would suggest to seek a legal advice on the matter according to laws of your country.

  30. Hi, do I need to add the tylose to my wilton fondant to make this or can I just use the fondant as is?

  31. I also would need the tutorial as soon as I could get it, will it be very quick?

  32. Hi Vera,
    I just made the payment for the tutorial. Can you please send it asap? I’m planing to use Satin Ice. Can I use Satin Ice rolled fondant for this?

  33. Is this tutorial for just the Thomas face or does this include cake assembly?

  34. Jacqueline, thank you for your interest. This tutorial is about how to create a Thomas the Tank Engine figurine that is to be placed on top of a cake. Here is an example: In other words, the cake is not in the tutorial.

  35. Oh wow I didn’t realize it would take 12 hours to get in :( I need it now… I assumed it would be downloadable immediately. Hope I get it before 12 hrs or it was an unnecessary purchase….

  36. Michelle, I just sent you the tutorial. Hope it will satisfy you. Thank you.

  37. WOW this is amazing :-) just paid for tutorial for my little guys 2nd Birthday :-) can’t wait!!!
    Thank you

  38. Just paid for this and I can’t wait to get started! Cake is for Friday so I need to get cracking!!

  39. Chrissie, it’s in your mailbox. Thank you!

  40. Hi vera
    i just made the payment can you please send it as soon as you possible can.

    thank you.

  41. Hi Vera, I’ve just made payment. Waiting for your email 😊.

  42. Hi Vera,
    I need to make Thomas today. Anyway you could send it as soon as possible? IO have been trying to buy the tutorial for three days but my paypal account had a problem and the direct buy through credit card didn’t work!!
    Please send it the earliest you can.
    I would be very grateful.

  43. Hi Neda, It’s on it’s way to you! Thank you!

  44. Hi there,

    I just got the tutorial, I was hoping to get is asap, I didnt realize it would take 12 hrs… Would it be possible to have it sent earlier?

    Thanks :)

  45. I just purchased/paid for the Thomas tutorial. When should I expect to get it? I really need it for this weekend’s order. Looking forward to see the tutorial. Thanks.


  46. Ayhan, it should be in your mailbox now, thank you!

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