Santa and Chimney Tutorial

With the big holidays upon us, I decided to offer a seasonal tutorial. I tried my best to make it thorough and well-illustrated. There are numerous photos (over 60) of every step from the roof and chimney construction to the tiny details of Santa’s face.

This tutorial allows great flexibility. It can be turned into a smaller project of decorating a miniature fruitcake, for example. In this case the roof sculpting can be omitted altogether and you can only make the chimney with cheeky Santa inside. Or, if the needs are completely opposite and you need a cake to feed a crowd, then the roof can be made longer, or even steeper, the chimney can be done taller, yet Santa still will fit nicely. Demonstrated on styrofoam chimney and fondant blocks for the roof, the tutorial still covers in great detail how to sculpt the cake and adjust its size to your requirements.

I want to emphasize that if you have any questions or need an advice, I’m always here to help. These questions will be my first priority, I’ll make every effort to answer them in timely manner.

My promised earlier Thomas the Tank Engine tutorial will be available after Christmas, since I think it’s more relevant to share some new cookie recipes and sweet holiday treats with you now.

Santa and Chimney Tutorial


$10.99 $5.99 via Paypal (you don’t have to open a Paypal account).

After the payment is processed, the tutorial in the form of a PDF file will be sent to the payee e-mail address. This e-mail will include the tutorial and instructions for opening the file. Please allow 12 hours for the file to be emailed to you. You will need Adobe Acrobar Reader to open the file. Thank you for your business!

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14 Responses to “Santa and Chimney Tutorial”

  1. Mindblowing!



  2. Your talent blows me away!

  3. As always..PERFECT!!!!!

  4. Awesome and Mind blowing.. I cant believe this is edible

  5. Why do we have to pay???

  6. Rosa,Sue, Leslie, Zee, thank you very much for your comments!

    Bob, you certainly don’t have to purchase the tutorial. The reason I decided to offer it in exchange for money is because, in my opinion, it has a certain value since I spent a quite significant amount of time and effort in order to put together detailed instructions with numerous photos.

  7. I purchased my tutorial yesterday and knowing Vera’s work I was expecting it to be nothing but excellent. But I have to say I was surprised, it is absolutely amazing! It is perfectly detailed, 45 pages of step by step explanations and pictures. It makes it possible for anyone to come up with lovely results, like Vera’s. It’s worth getting, and having taken a lot of professional courses in sugar paste decoration, I can assure you it is worth your money. Vera, once more, thank you for sharing so much time and work with us!!!

  8. Vera the amount of work and details is absoultly amazing!

  9. My pdf tutorial hasn’t been sent. I payed on sunday, I don’t know what happened…

  10. I love your cake decorating file.. Absolutely stunning cakes. Would love if you have more cake tutorials available.. still waiting on thomas the tank engine and mayb spongebob and any more would be great.

    Many Thanks

  11. Bren, please check your emails. I sent you three as of now.

  12. I loved it…I highly recommend it, its a beautiful detailed work can’t wait for more to come. Sorry for the trouble Vera.

  13. Bren, I’m happy to hear it. No trouble at all.

  14. Love this one! Wow!

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