Spongebob and Home Sweet Pineapple Cake

I was supposed to post the next daring bakers’ challenge, but … it didn’t happen, at least not yet.

Today is my dear boy’s 8-year birthday. And this is his birthday cake. Tim’s old love for Spongebob never rusts. New Pixar movies come and go, but Spongbob stays his favourite.

For the insides, first, I was thinking about making something coconut with pineapple jam and coconut buttercream, perhaps. But you know kids and their peculiar taste. I decided to play it safe and made chocolate cake filled with French vanilla buttercream.

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44 Responses to “Spongebob and Home Sweet Pineapple Cake”

  1. I thought it was a new toy not a cake it looks soooo realistic. You always do an amazin job. Your son must have went bananas over it! How long did this take you to make???

  2. My jaw has dropped to the floor… amazing!! And I must admit it… Spongebob is one of my favourites too… ;)

  3. It is stunning! I love that cute cake!



  4. Amazing, absolutely amazing- looks incredible :D!

  5. OMG OMG OMG! Perfect…every little detail is perfect!
    I am making a sponge bob cake this week too. But certainly not like yours .
    I dare not show him this post..he would flip. He is just getting the sponge bob face lame cake. I am just not feeling it right now to go all out this year.

  6. Happy birthday Tim!!!
    This is another gorgeous cake Vera! You are amazing!

  7. wow! haha it`s great!

  8. You’ve really outdone yourself with this amazing cake. Happy Birthday to Tim!

  9. WOW!! My jaw dropped– twice!! It is absolutely FLAWLESS and looks like a toy rather than something made to eat!! SUPERB JOB!!! You amaze me!!!
    BRAVA BRAVA!!!!!

  10. Wow, that really is just incredible!! Love it!

    The DB challenge is super easy, so I’d give it a try, its really just a cookie with marmalade and a bit of whipped cream and some orange supreme slices on top and a caramel drizzle. I took some liberties but it was pretty quick to pull together yesterday and was really yummy!

  11. OH WOW. JUST WOW! What a beautiful cake!! What great detail! Words cannot express how amazed and at awe I am of your handiwork. You did a wonderful job. Even as an adult, I love SpongeBob! I wish I could have this cake haha.

  12. I didn’t get to do my DB this month either, this cake looks way way way more exciting! Well done!

  13. You did an amazing job on this cake.

  14. Happy Birthday! Tim–you have an awesome mom!!

  15. Beautiful work!

  16. I wish I could tell you to save your cakes and display them in an exhibit for people to drool over! Unbelievable work! I am so so impressed!

  17. It’s wonderful and those figures look just like the real thing!
    Great job as always!

  18. Ariana from Chicago on March 30th, 2010 at 4:39 pm

    I’ve seen tons of spongebob cakes online, this one is absolutely amazing!! You are an artist. You captured SB’s and Patrick’s expressions perfectly. Fantastic

  19. My four year old says , Awesome ! And now i am quickly moving from this page before he says …..dang! Too late he said it. He wants me to make this cake for his b’day. So, do you take orders and will you ship internationally? Lol

  20. Thank you, guys, so much for the compliments and happy birthday wishes! I am touched and flattered. Tim also says “thank you”, he feels very important :)

    Farrah, I don’t know exactly how much time it took to make, I wasn’t clocking it… But it certainly is a time consuming process. I love doing it though.

    Wizzythestick, I could have probably smuggled a cake through the border to the closest state (WA), but not any further :) If you need any tips on making a cake for your little one, don’t hesitate to ask.

  21. The details just make this so cute. Incredible job.
    Happy Birthday Tim!

  22. I just have to add to the chorus of praise – that is a seriously, amazingly, gorgeously fantastic cake! Beautiful work!

  23. Amaziiiiiiiing! That is one awesome cake!

  24. Vera – Your talent is knows no limits..this cake is extraordinary! My almost 2 yr old nephew loves Sponge Bob SO much. Like I always say..I wish you lived near me..I’d be ordering cakes galore! :0

  25. Amazing, your son is very lucky! and Happy birthday to him!

  26. I love this!! I love Spongebob! This is the best cake ever!!!! :) I wish I had this cake!!! :)

  27. Veera, this is so, so nice. I can’t get over the fact that your craftmanship is so good. There is no flaw whatsoever in your fondant work. I hope to achieve your level one day.

  28. Thank you, everyone, for such kind words! I greatly appreciate it! Thank you very much!!!

  29. simply…amazing…

  30. Wonderful, amazing…whaou! lucky boy!

  31. wow this looks marvelous. you re a master !

  32. Truly a masterpiece!!! You’re an artist!

  33. Hi, how do you make the toys etc.?
    do you use fondant?

    i would like to make something like yours but i don’t know how..

    thank you

  34. wow. very nice.

  35. my daughter’s infatuation with spongebob is going strong, too. she got a spongebob cake – nothing close to yours – and i chuckled: i did do the coconut cake. it had four layers, two filled with pineapple curd folded in pastry cream, and two filled with banana mousse. it was just a big sheet, covered in fondant. the only thing 3D was his nose. my daughter was very excited, though, and that’s what matters.
    i just can’t believe your incredible attention with detail. amazing!

  36. Hi, completely in awww of this cake, it’s amazing! How do you get it all so flawless?! Is it all made with your own fondant or do you use flower paste or anything else to make it all? Thank you for sharing all your incredible creations, great inspiration!

  37. Your cake could not be any more FLAWLESS! I’m speechless!

  38. Thank you all again for your words!

    Maria, the toys are made from gum paste. Fondant doesn’t hold the shape well since it doesn’t dry fast enough. And it’s not very pliable.

    Dana, your cake sounds super delicious! Happy Birthday to your daughter!

    Helen, thank you! I use Swiss-made gum paste for making characters.

  39. this cake looks awesome! and i love spongebob! :P

  40. Your SpongeBob cake (and other cakes displayed on this site) is unbelievable! It’s truly a work of art!
    I just have a little question: there is a lot of colors used, some in very small details, like eye irises – do you knead colors into gum paste even for very small pieces or those are painted?
    Thank you

  41. I was searching the web for spongebob birthday cakes and found your blog. This cake is amazing! You did an awesome job. I was looking around your blog and noticed that you have posted the recipe for your fondant. Do you have a gumpaste recipe that you use or do you use store bought. Thanks.

  42. Molly, thank you. I tried making the gum paste from Wilton’s powder. It was too soft. I tried to knead tylose powder into homemade and store-bough fondant, but didn’t like the result either. Now, finally, I found the gum paste that works for me – Swiss Albert Uster. The texture is good, it stays pliable long enough, and the taste is fine (no any unpleasant smell or aftertaste). They sell it in buckets and ship everywhere, I believe.

  43. This cake is awesome….I have to do one similar any tips on how you did such amazing stand up figures? Love it all!

  44. Lovely cake & I loved all the detailing. Did you make all these figurines with your home made fondant? I am working on my son’s bday cake & thinking of making home made fondant.

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