Skiing Bear Cake

I was asked to make “something with snowflakes and red skis” for a little boy’s 2nd birthday celebration. His early affection to skiing doesn’t come as a surprise since the kid lives in Whistler.
The cake was chocolate filled with milk and white chocolate ganache. The bear is from gum paste.

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31 Responses to “Skiing Bear Cake”

  1. The cake is fantastic. Nice job. Did he love it? I’m assuming he’s the one who requested red skis?

  2. Wow, unbelievable. I thought it was a toy at first glance. Very colorful indeed.

  3. white chocolate ganache? yes please! i love the bear–he looks a little bit frightened, which is exactly how i look when i’m preparing to ski down a massive slope. :)

  4. ohhh this cake is too adorable for words!

  5. That is the cutest bear! I like the little bird on the top of the tree too!

  6. Great details! This is such a cute cake.

  7. OUTSTANDING!!! What a lucky little boy to receive this cake. Great job.

  8. That is such a pretty cake and bear! Stunning!



  9. HI! I’ve found your blog just five minutes ago and I love it!Your cakes are very beautiful!!I’ll follow you!
    A very special new year! ^_^
    See you

  10. Adorable. I love the way that you handled the snowflake theme with white cutouts on a white background.

  11. Awww its just gorgeous!

  12. That cake is out of this world!!!! I bet he loved it – I want one ;-)

  13. You are amazing!

  14. You never stop amazing me with your creativity, neatness and perfection!! Everything you make is just impeccably perfect.

  15. Super adorable, Vera. What a lucky 2 year old. Happy New Year, Vera. I wish you all the best for 2010.

  16. Oh my gosh, how fabulous. I wish I was the lucky recipient of one of these cakes! :)

  17. Amazing- your attention to detail is just fabulous! I love seeing your work.

  18. Incredible & adorable. The snowflakes add a lot of texture to the cake and the details and design is amazing. I enjoy seeing your cakes!!

  19. it’s so cute! I love the red and white combo…so festive!

  20. Too cute for words!!

  21. What an adorable cake!!!! Great job!

  22. Love the snow flakes! gorgeous…

  23. Oooo, ahhhh! Fabulous Vera!
    Happy New Year and all the best for 2010!

  24. Happy New Year!

    wow! That’s a very beautiful cake for a 2 yr old boy. I’m sure he was surprised and delighted with his cake. :)

  25. This cake is adorable; a work of art! I’m honestly in a state of smiley awwwww!! It looks wonderful. Happy New Year!

  26. That is adorable!!!

  27. oh my gosh that is the cutest bear!

  28. aww love the details on the bear :)

  29. That is the cutest bear ever!

  30. Such an adorable cake! Love the apprehensive look on the bear!

  31. WOW, that is just so amazing, and I used to live in Whistler! I’ve just come across your blog, you are so talented!

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