Crunchy Seed Cookies

Awesome cookies, exactly as the author’s saying – “noisily crunchy, light, addictive”. The recipe is by Alice Medrich. I just used a bit more seeds since the stated amount wasn’t quite enough.

It does seem like I’m not keeping up to my promises, but a nasty fracture of the right collarbone was hard to predict. I’m getting proficient doing everything with my left hand, although it would be much easier to be able to use them both.

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer break. My best wishes for academic success to all scholars!

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Marzipan-filled Honey Cookies

These are fabulous cookies. Every time my cake decorating projects require marzipan, I make a double batch, so I could use it also as a filling for the cookies. It’s not quite necessary to decorate or shape them into hearts (now it’s just very appropriate). The prep time can be reduced about three times, if the dough and marzipan are simply cut into squares using a pizza wheel.

These cookies are amazing German sweets that get only better over time. But, honestly, I never can wait for too long, maybe only overnight, before indulging myself. Eight hours is usually enough for marzipan to soften the dough.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Chocolate Wasabi Shortbread Cookies

Spicy, salty, chocolaty sweet, delicately sandy, but also crunchy… In other words – delicious cookies. I’ve already blogged about my love to this flavor combo. Spicy wasabi ganache I dipped the shortbread in is exactly the same one I used to fill my macarons. I went a bit further this time and added wasabi peas into the cookie dough, as well as sprinkled them over the ganache glaze.

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Dog Biscuits for Dogs: No Wheat, No Corn, No Soy

Who’s been a good doggie? My girl certainly has. And she certainly deserves these wholesome treats made exclusively for her. Unlike other dog biscuits I posted earlier, these ones are for dogs’ consumption. They are made of brown rice flour, rolled oats, brewers yeast and beef stock. And Lexis finds them delicious.

Lexis is almost 10 months now and what an incredibly smart, loyal, loving and gentle dog she is! She is starting her advance obedience class in a few days. Here, she is demonstrating her “wait”.

Nobody in the family can imagine our life without her. We all became happier and healthier since we’ve got her. Happy New Year, dear!!!

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Eggnog Panna Cotta with Penny-Size Espresso Shortbread Kisses

I admit I had been skeptical about store-bought eggnog until I tried organic whole fat all-natural one. It was pretty good. And so I thought of a super-quick and easy dessert utilizing some leftovers. I topped the panna cotta with a very thin (2-3 mm) layer of white chocolate-espresso ganache (they go together nicely) and served with miniature barely sweet espresso cookies filled with the same ganache.

I want to wish everyone a Merry and Relaxing (as/if possible) Christmas! It’s always so hectic right before the holidays.

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One Cornmeal Dough – Two Different Biscotti: Poppy Seed Wild Blueberry Candied Lemon and Sesame Biscotti

These are very different in taste, although they are made from the same cornmeal dough. I am cutting some corners here: Christmas is so close.

One batch yields about a dozen and a half of each kind. But since biscotti are not miniature cookies, it’s not necessary to give away a dozen of those. One biscotti per family member should be sufficient enough assuming there are other cookies in your gift box.

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