Caramel Eggnog with Tiny Spice Cookies

This rich, thick, boozy, yummy drink is a result of my experiments with the holiday classic. I served it in demitasse cups along with tiny honey-spice cookies (sort of my take on German Pfeffernusse; the original German cookies are supposed to be made in advance and aged for at least a week and I forgot to do that on time, so I improvised to get them quicker).

Happy Holidays, everyone!!!

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Raspberry Hot Chocolate with Raspberry Marshmallows

This drink is rich and very good. It’s supposed to be served in tiny demitasse cups. The quantity stated below makes 4 servings; I don’t think that double dates is a common way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, so you can scale the recipe down or just overindulge.

Happy Valentine’s Day for those who celebrates it, and a Wonderful Weekend for everybody else!

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If there’s time you can’t decide between a cup of coffee and hot chocolate, you might consider this beverage as an option. What is it exactly? It’s freshly brewed espresso diluted with milk and water, lightly sweetened, and with added cocoa. Barbagliata can be served hot during winter, or chilled and poured over ice during hot summer days. But either way, I recommend serving it with cocoa nib-infused whipped cream; it makes a world’s difference.

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Very Merry Christmas to everyone (in case I don’t have time for another pre-christmasy post)! I wish you all stress-free and full of joy holidays!

We’ve already started sipping eggnog, and I suspect I’ll be making at least a couple more batches before the Christmas time. I prefer to make this beverage myself. The flavor of the homemade eggnog is far better and cleaner (no wonder – just read a list of the ingredients on an eggnog carton box); you will see a difference. The whipped egg whites make it air-light what I particularly like. But if you are after a thicker, more store-bought-like consistency, simply omit the whites, reserve them for another use (this is just a perfect amount for a batch of French macaroons). Cin-cin!

The recipe is adapted from Alton Brown.

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Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

… is comforting and delicious, especially on a rainy, or not-so-rainy, but chilly day. To be honest, I love it without any connection with weather conditions or time of the day. It can be topped with whipped cream but I prefer the hot chocolate as is. Theoretically, there’s enough for four (offer it the demitasse cups in this case) but I think there are more like two servings despite the richness of the drink.

I tried different recipes, and for now this one which is from the “Chocolate Holidays” is my favorite.

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