Ultimate Mexican Brownies

Generously spiced with cinnamon and cayenne, filled with ancho and fig puree, and glazed with cinnamon ganache, aren’t they truly the ultimate Mexican?

I’m craving the sun, heat, sandy beaches, and another Mexican vacation. Sadly, this vacation, although very much needed during the grey rainy Vancouver’s winter, will remain only a dream at least until next year… These super-fudgy brownies do have some healing, soothing power; could be an alternative to Prozac… Please, someone, take them away from me, must… stop… eating!

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Pokemon Ball Cake

I have to admit I’ve known very little about Pokemon until recently. My own kiddo has no interest in this theme, so I had to rely on the internet sources to educate myself. Now I know at least a couple of dozen of these little monsters by name. Here, from right to left, are: Lapras (this is my favourite, she’s got such a lovely flirtatious look), Pachirisu, Pikachu, Munchlax (my boys liked him the most), and Dragonair. I kind of found them charming and enjoyed making these figures great deal.

The cake was for my son’s good friend. Happy Birthday, Alen! And the best wishes from all of us!

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Marzipan-filled Honey Cookies

These are fabulous cookies. Every time my cake decorating projects require marzipan, I make a double batch, so I could use it also as a filling for the cookies. It’s not quite necessary to decorate or shape them into hearts (now it’s just very appropriate). The prep time can be reduced about three times, if the dough and marzipan are simply cut into squares using a pizza wheel.

These cookies are amazing German sweets that get only better over time. But, honestly, I never can wait for too long, maybe only overnight, before indulging myself. Eight hours is usually enough for marzipan to soften the dough.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Goat Cheese Mozzarella and Fresh Herb Foccacia

It’s all about good cheese accentuated with delicate flavor of fresh herbs. I wouldn’t add anything else to the topping.

Obviously, it makes a great lunch paired with a big green salad.

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