Lemon Pudding with Ginger Lemon Madeleines

When the weather is as hot as we’ve got here, cool and tangy dessert like this seems soothing and refreshing. I made the pudding late at night, after the summer heat subsided, and the idea of stirring a hot mixture on the stove didn’t look so torturous. The madeleines, unfortunately, can’t be baked in advance (although the batter can, and, actually, should be made earlier). So, I still had to turn my oven on the following day, but only for a brief moment – it took under 15 minutes for the madeleines to bake. And this sort of cookies/cakes  is worth to be made even during the most excruciating heat.

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Rose Water Almond Tea Cookies

Tender and delicate, very subtly flavored with rose water, the cookies are destined not just for tea time. They are pretty good with coffee too, as well as without any beverage whatsoever.

Adapted from Sherry Yard

This is my submission to Jugalbandi’s CLICK “Stacks” event.

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Chocolate Coconut Macaroons as Chocolate Latkes

Any recipe successfully utilizing egg whites is always a keeper. This recipe is adapted from Alice Medrich’s “Chocolate Holidays”. You can call these cookies macaroons and serve them for Passover, or name them latkes and include into your Hanukkah menu. But, in my opinion, these cookies deserve to be baked more often than just twice a year. They are good, crunchy outside, moist and almost fudgy inside.

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Coconut Financiers with Tropical Fruits

I bake with coconut often. This is the only nut my kid can eat. And besides, I like the taste. For these financiers I went with good quality dry papaya and pineapple as a topping, the ones that can be found in a health food section. I prefer the fruits in chubby chunks rather than thinly sliced, the latter are quite tough and excessively chewy. If you are luckier than we are and live in a warmer and dryer place where berries are in season, scatter some fresh raspberries over the top of the cakes instead of the dry fruits, if you prefer.

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Citrus Ricotta Cookies

We are on spring break now. My son keeps me busy involving into his numerous plays and activities (that’s a major disadvantage of having an only child). And although Tim loves his cookies readily available he is absolutely against me spending a lot of time (any time, to be correct) in the kitchen. So, this is a quick fix; my adaptation of Nick Malgieri’s cookies. I wouldn’t call them “terrific” as the author does (sorry…), I’d rather characterize them as “lovely”. And they are lovely and very kids-friendly, cakey and tender, perfect with a glass of milk.

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In my opinion (I’m sure I’m not alone here), the best part of these streusel cakes is the streusel topping itself. Can you imaging a goodie entirely consisting of the delectable buttery and nutty crumbs? And that  is exactly what the sbrisolona is – a gigantic (12-inch in diameter) crunchy cookie. Italians never cease to amaze me with their delicious creativity.

The recipe below is adapted from Nancy Silverton. I couldn’t resist a temptation and browned the butter instead of just melting it.

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