Some Like It Hot: Fig and Chile Chocolate Cake with Cinnamon Ice Cream

For me, it’s like heaven on earth. I’m mad about spicy chocolate; Dagoba’s “Xocolatl” is my all time favorite bar. And this cake is my favorite flourless chocolate cake. It’s spiced just enough (you won’t burn your palate, don’t worry). The texture is reminiscent of dense chocolate mousse. And I love this light crunch the figs give to the cake.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner it might be just a thing to serve. Let me put it this way… if you are looking forward to a marriage proposal, make the cake. It will definitely facilitate the event. Make the ice cream to go with the cake, and I can guarantee you a happy family life (at least for a year, then… repeat the cake).

Grace from “A Southern Grace”, with whom I share my love to spicy food and cinnamon, is hosting a wonderful event this month – “Cinnamon Celebration”. Since this dessert has plenty of cinnamon it goes right there.

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Explosion-Free Way of Cooking of Dulce De Leche

Here is a simple set of steps you need to follow to cook your can of condensed milk without a fear it explodes all over the kitchen you’ve just renovated.

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Dulce De Leche, Cinnamon, and Chocolate Bread Pudding

I’m gravitating to the comfort food lately that can be informally spooned from a bowl while sitting on a sofa and watching Sponge Bob with the kid. I know I will pay the price later exhausting myself with some sort of diet and pilates. This is the food my personal fitness trainer (if I had one) wouldn’t probably approve. But you have to give your soul what it’s asking for… right? I’ll deal with the consequences later, when the spring comes. Or summer.

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If there’s time you can’t decide between a cup of coffee and hot chocolate, you might consider this beverage as an option. What is it exactly? It’s freshly brewed espresso diluted with milk and water, lightly sweetened, and with added cocoa. Barbagliata can be served hot during winter, or chilled and poured over ice during hot summer days. But either way, I recommend serving it with cocoa nib-infused whipped cream; it makes a world’s difference.

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Chocolate Soy Pudding with Pistachio Brittle

Soy pudding can be good. But it will be only as good as your soy milk is. And this is also possible, you just have to sample and find the favorite one. The flavor of the soy milk differs significantly, from brand to brand. My personal favorite is made by “Organic Valley”. Unfortunately, I can’t find it in Canada. We buy it in the US once in a while (a benefit of living close to the border). The “Silk” would be my second choice. The most common soy milk here in BC is “So Nice” which I find not nice at all. Is it too much trouble for a dessert that could be perfectly made from half-and-half? Well, you decide, but this is definitely a healthy alternative. I wish I could be consistent and always so health-conscious. One day I make my pudding from soy milk, another day – I deep-fry my cheesecake leftovers.

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