Mustard Cheddar Crackers

One friend of mine told me I could freeze extra cheese for later use. Maybe I should have clarified for what kind of use, because after defrosting, once perfect cheddar became … lets say … not so perfect and completely unsuitable for eating. The texture got all crumbly and the flavor changed (it didn’t improve). I resisted my first impulse to throw the whole pound away and decided to salvage the cheese somehow. Generous addition of mustard seemed like just the way.

For my dear friend who recommended the freezing option (I know she occasionally reads my blog) I want to tell there are no hard feelings :) The crackers were yummy (very much so), the wine was great, and everybody was happy, eventually.

The moral of this story – do not freeze the cheese unless you are planning to use it for cooking; buy only as much as you can shortly consume.

The recipe is slightly adapted from the “Gourmet”.

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Dog Biscuits

I bake these often. And we don’t even have a dog. We do have a son, though, who loves them; honestly, the whole family enjoys these bones with soups and salads, and on their own – they are very munchable. If you are hesitant to offer the biscuits to guests thinking they might accuse you in serving them dog food, just shape the biscuits differently (but I think they are kind of cute the way they are).

I’m so done with festive sweets for a while (oh, these holidays)… Now I crave dog food.

Adapted from the “Gourmet” magazine.

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